Strong Tower Pilates Studio

• 5 March 2020

Strong Tower Pilates Studio Overview

Solid Tower Pilates Studio is an educator training site for the Pilates Core Integration, Inc. Educator Training Program. This Program, developed by Virginia Nicholas M.A., R.N., encourages the customary Pilates Method utilizing a similar methodology created by Eve Gentry and Michele Larsson. Pilates Core Integration (PCI) will give students the knowledge and experience to teach Pilates for wellness and body-mind coordination.

PCI offers a 60-hour Pilates Mat Certification and a 450-hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification. A “Develop Movement” Pilates Mat Certification is available for trainees who need to spend significant time in teaching an older clientele.

Training Programs at Strong Tower Pilates Studio

  • Pilates Core Integration Certification
  • Price Range: Check website for updated details.

Resources for Strong Tower Pilates Studio

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