Sound Method Yoga

• 7 March 2020

Sound Method Yoga Overview

What makes a Yoga Teacher unique? Of the considerable number of teachers you have had, consider the ones that you truly love. What are the characteristics that attracted you to them and kept you returning to class? At Sound Method, they endeavor to draw out the greatness in each fledgling instructor. The program focuses on a solid, non-dogmatic educational plan that prizes singular qualities.

The Sound Method Yoga Teacher Training program promsites to deliver the skills that will enable you to share Yoga with others.

Training Programs at Sound Method Yoga

  • Poetic Cueing and Historical Context
  • Anatomy, Safety and Therapeutics
  • Theming and Sequencing
  • Subtle Anatomy
  • Application and Embodiment
  • Price Range: Starting at $2,750

Resources for Sound Method Yoga

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