Sol Yoga Collective

• 7 March 2020

Sol Yoga Collective Overview

Swastha is the sanskrit word meaning to be completely settled in oneself and in a totally adjusted condition of ideal wellbeing. It is a part of Ayurveda (the study of life) and Yoga (the act of this science) thus, through the joining of these revered practices and procedures, students can develop a more profound mindfulness, bettter emotional range, new attitude, and practices that improve development all through our lifetime.

Through yoga asana, pranayama, reflection, mudra, physical development, and social turn of events, you’ll adjust to a practice that is relatable to every living being . It is through this all encompassing and practical methodology that yoa teachwrs achieve new levels of direction, practice and probability.

Training Programs at Sol Yoga Collective

  • Yoga Teacher Training
  • Price Range: Starting at $1,999 

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