SLR Lounge

• 23 June 2021

SLR Lounge Overview

If you’re just starting out in wedding photography, this A-Z training can help launch and grow your business. Tips and Tricks from Youtube videos will only get you so far. Whether you’re moving into higher end weddings or just looking to improve the consistency of your work, this system will be of benefit. Experience 70+ hours of education with exercises, quizzes, assignments, PDF Guides, checklists and more. This is billed as “the world’s most comprehensive wedding photography training system, detailing every aspect of photographing the wedding day.”

Training Programs at SLR Lounge

  • Wedding Workshop 1 | Planning and Communication
  • Wedding Workshop 2 | Photographing the Groom
  • Wedding Workshop 3 | Photographing the Bride
  • Wedding Workshop 4 | Photographing the Couple
  • Wedding Workshop 5 | Photographing the Ceremony
  • Wedding Workshop 6 | Photographing the Details
  • Wedding Workshop 7 | Photographing Group Portraits
  • Wedding Workshop 8 | Photographing the Reception
  • Bonus | Wedding Cultural Guides
  • Price Range: $299 

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