San Diego State University World Campus Training

• 23 June 2021

San Diego State University World Campus Overview

Find how you can transform your affection for animals into a lucrative pet-sitting career. This course covers all that you need to know about pets from nourishment, exercise and medical aid and everything that goes into beginning an effective business. 

You’ll start with pet care, including nutrition, work out, emergency treatment, and diagnosing basic ailments. You will learn the essentials of emergency treatment and discover how to administer pills, fluid drugs, and infusions to an uncooperative feline or dog. You will find how to deal with home visits and dazzle your potential customers. You’ll likewise learn how to handle problems that can emerge, for example, lost pets, pets that pass on suddenly, and pets that need prompt veterinary care.

Training Programs at San Diego State University World Campus

  • Start a Pet Sitting Business
  • 6 Weeks Access / 24 Course Hrs
  • Price Range: Starting at $129 

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