Podcast: Why is No One Cleaning Their Own Home Anymore?

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The Sharing Economy has made it possible for everyone, not just the super wealthy, to have services on-demand, and this includes house cleaning services. With a higher demand for cleaning services, how has the cleaning industry grown and changed? We discuss:

  • How technology has helped cleaning professionals make more money
  • Why trust is key for a cleaning professional’s relationship with a client
  • Why cleaning service professionals have the potential to retain a particularly high percentage of clients
  • How companies like Handy and TaskRabbit have impacted the cleaning industry
  • How associations like ISSA help cleaning professionals be successful
  • The outlook for implementing certifications and standards in the cleaning industry
  • The biggest reasons cleaning businesses fail

Our guest is Alonzo Adams, the owner of Busy Bee Cleaning Company. He is also currently the chair of ISSA’s Residential Cleaning Council, the residential cleaning arm of the worldwide cleaning organization.