Podcast: How to Become a Successful Personal Trainer

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More people than ever have a personal trainer these days. It used to be that only really wealthy people hired personal trainers, but with the shift to an on-demand economy, it has become more accessible. Everyone can have their own personal trainer just like everyone can have their own driver with Uber or stay in exotic locations with AirBnb!

This is a great episode for anyone considering becoming a personal trainer or is curious about the industry. We discuss:

  • What is new and hot in personal fitness training?
  • What related services are personal trainers including in their packages?
  • What are clients looking for in a personal trainer?
  • How does a personal trainer stand out among thousands of trainers?
  • Where do business relationships usually go sideways between fitness trainers and their clients?
  • Is online training a fad or is it here to stay?

Our guest is Billy Polson who is the founder and owner of DIAKADI (https://www.diakadi.life/), the largest personal training facility in the San Francisco Bay Area. Billy is also the founder of The Business Movement (https://www.thebusinessmovement.com/), a program to help fitness entrepreneurs launch their businesses. He shares his journey of becoming a personal trainer and how he grew his business.