Pilates Place

• 5 March 2020

Pilates Place Overview

Pilates Place has built up a program that utilizes multiple techniques to give you, the educator in training, one of the best educations in the industry. The program requires 500-600 hours of study.

The objective of Pilates Place is to prepare you to assist customers with the history, standards and practical uses of Joseph Pilates’ technique. The educational plan at Pilates Place was intended to line up with the PMA guidelines. When all course work is satisfactorily finished graduates are prepared to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) confirmation exam. The PMA is an autonomous, outsider alliance, which was created to help promote appropriate Pilates training and education.

Training Programs at Pilates Place

  • Pilates Certification Programs
  • Price Range: Check website for updated details.

Resources for Pilates Place

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