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• 23 June 2021

An Overview of Northern California Volleyball Association

The NCVA offers non-discriminatory entry-level playing opportunities and develops connections for inter-regional, nationwide, intra-regional, and global competition. 

How to Join Northern California Volleyball Association

• If registering a junior player, you must be the parent/legal guardian of the minor who will be participating
• If registering a junior player, please put the player’s name and date of birth when asked for the Member Information
• Use member’s legal name (do not use Liz instead of Elizabeth or Bobby instead of Robert)
• All participants must be registered online prior to attending any tryout, practice or sanctioned event
• All NCVA members: When registering online with NCVA, even though it is not a required field, please be sure to provide a phone number.
• Once a registration is accepted, it is NON-REFUNDABLE,NON-TRANSFERABLE. If you choose to register for a tryout membership, the cost of that membership is not applicable toward a full membership.

Resources for Northern California Volleyball Association

Location: 5621 Skylane Blvd Santa Rosa, Ca 95403





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