North Dakota Physical Therapist Licensing

• 23 June 2021

North Dakota Licensing Overview for a Physical Therapist

Licensing for a physical therapist in North Dakota is controlled by the North Dakota State Board of Physical Therapy .

General Guidelines for a Physical Therapist in North Dakota

Specific requirements to perform physical therapist services can generally be used as a guideline, but make sure to check with your local governing rules and regulations.

Who’s allowed to perform these services?

Physical Therapist

General requirements for a physical therapist license?

• Complete the online license application as a Physical Therapist or submit a completed application to the ND Board of PT Office.
• Payment can be made online using a credit card or enclose a check for $200 payable to the ND Board of PT, for the non-refundable application fee.
• Juris Prudence: This is an open book exam which can be completed by using up the Rules & Regulations and ND PT Practice Act in the right menu bar.
• An OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT, indicating completion of an accredited physical therapist program, must be sent directly from the school of graduation. If an official transcript is not available at the time of application, a letter from the school director indicating graduation will be accepted for approval to sit for the NPTE.

What’s the state licensing site for a physical therapist?

North Dakota State Board of Physical Therapy

What are some training programs available for a physical therapist?

See training programs

How long is a license good for and when do I need to renew?

Check with local governing body for updated details.

What are fees associated with licensing?

Check with local governing body for updated details.