New Mexico Physical Therapist Licensing

• 23 June 2021

New Mexico Licensing Overview for a Physical Therapist

Licensing for a physical therapist in New Mexico is controlled by the New Mexico Physical Therapy Board .

General Guidelines for a Physical Therapist in New Mexico

Specific state requirements to perform physical therapist services should be followed, however, also check your local governing rules and regulations.

Who’s allowed to perform these services?

Physical Therapist

General requirements for a physical therapist license?

• Complete the application
• Include a passport-size photograph taken within the preceding 12 months and affixes it to the application;
• Pay the non-refundable application fee in full
• Pass the jurisprudence exam and pay the nonrefundable exam fee
• Submit official college or university transcripts from a program approved by the commission on accreditation in physical therapy education
• If official transcripts are not available because of school closure or destruction of the records, the applicant must provide satisfactory evidence of meeting the required physical therapy educational program by submitting documentation that will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the board.
•Passes the national physical therapy licensure examination

What’s the state licensing site for a physical therapist?

New Mexico Physical Therapy Board

What are some training programs available for a physical therapist?

See training programs

How long is a license good for and when do I need to renew?

Check with local governing body for updated details.

What are fees associated with licensing?

Check with local governing body for updated details.