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Finding the right home cleaner for your home depends on 2 things: quality and price. Companies like HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Thumbtack, Facebook and others are crowdsourcing feedback from consumers to make it incredibly easy for others to find out who are the best local cleaners to hire, and who are the worst ones to avoid. But quality is just half the battle.

Once you have a target of quality cleaning businesses to potentially hire, you need to assess pricing. And depending on where you live, hourly cleaning rates can vary quite considerably.

We did a review of the thousands of cleaning professionals using PocketSuite today, and collected pricing data on the top 10 most active cities of PocketSuite professionals across the U.S.

The top 3 most expensive cities to hire a cleaner (above $40 per hour) are:

1. Seattle, WA: This might surprise you that residents of the Seattle area paying the most for home and apartment cleaners. On average cleaners charge $45.67 per hour to clean a residence. With Seattle-based Amazon slowly taking over the world, Seattle is becoming flat out expensive. Prices of real estate, retail, food and home services are rising across the board as young professionals are willing to pay the price.

2. San Francisco, CA: The tech boom has now become the cleaning boom! Residential cleaners are charging $45.09 per hour for their cleaning services inside this technology hub. Earlier this year San Francisco jumped to the #1 city with the most expensive rent in the U.S. Professional services – like home cleaning – appear to be catching up.

3. New York, NY: Widely known as the most expensive city in America, it’s no surprise that New York is in the top 3 here. Seeing as many NYC residences are smaller apartments, maybe if there were sprawling mansions New York would be #1 for cleaning cost. At $40.50 per hour, cleaning professionals are definitely charging a pretty penny to support their own lifestyle in the city that never sleeps.

Depending on what city you live in across the U.S., it’s important to always have a benchmark to gauge costs when evaluating cleaners to hire. At times collecting a variety of quotes across 5-10 cleaning companies can be time consuming. So benchmarks by geography are an efficient and accurate way to make sure you’re not paying too much (or too little in some cases!) for quality home cleaning services.

Packaged Service Pricing

Many cleaners don’t necessarily sell their cleaning services on a per hour basis. They have packaged services depending correlating to the type of job.

The majority of these packages are based on the number of bedrooms in a home or apartment. The most commonly purchased home cleaning services across PocketSuite’s platform of cleaners are:

  • 1 Bedroom Cleaning
  • 2Bedroom Cleaning
  • Move-OutCleaning

We crunched the numbers and have reported (below) the average package pricing of these cleaning services across 5 regions in the U.S. Each region is represented by the most active city (across the PocketSuite platform) within that region:

  • West – Represented by San Francisco, CA
  • South – Represented by Dallas, TX
  • Midwest – Represented by Chicago, IL
  • Northeast – Represented by New York, NY
  • Southeast – Represented by Miami, FL

San Francisco tops the charts whether you are living in a 1 bedroom (single or married), a 2 bedroom (with a family), or moving to your next residence.

The MidWest (Chicago) and South (Dallas) are consistently ranked as the more affordable options to live if you need any basic packaged cleans or if you are on the move.

Our goal with pricing reports is to provide more transparency for consumers across the U.S. when it comes to purchasing and hiring service work.

If you’d like to see different types of data – by industry, geography, service-type, etc. – fill out the below and let us know! We love feedback and will continue to issue data reports on a regular basis. 

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