Merryfield School Of Pet Grooming

• 29 April 2020

Merryfield School Of Pet Grooming Overview

This program prepares students for a professional pet grooming career. Students learn the essential skills to professionally groom dogs in a salon, practice portable grooming, house call grooming or work in a veterinary practice.

To ace the craft of pet grooming, the program trains students in working with equipment, maintaining good client relations, washing, hair drying, ear cleaning, brushing, dematting, breed recognition, medical aid, styling, skin issues, and flawless scissor work, all covererd in the 500 hours of lab work at the school. The final 100 hours is an externship outside the school.

Training Programs at Merryfield School Of Pet Grooming

  • Pet Grooming Course 101 is a 500 – hour
  • Pet Grooming Course Code PG 106 -100 Hours
  • Price Range: Check website for updated details.

Resources for Merryfield School Of Pet Grooming

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