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Professional Associations for Jujitsu Instructors

Throughout the United States there are many Jujitsu associations.

United States Jujitsu Association (USJJF)

It is the USA National Member of the USA Coalition of Jujitsu Organizations (USCJO) and was established in 1971. They specialize in BJJ grappling and training, Jujitsu as a traditional martial arts style, and Jujitsu as a competitive sport.

North American Jujitsu Union (NAJJU)

While this union is not specific to The United States it is more so, as the title states, for all of North America. This allows members to interact with not only fellow American instructors and practitioners of Jujitsu, but Canadian and Mexican too.

Panamerican Jujitsu Federation (PJJF)

According to their official website, The PJJF is the Pan Am Continental Governing Body for Jujitsu with World (WJJ), Martial Arts International Federation (MAIF) and Supports the World Jujitsu Federation – World Jujitsu Kobudo Organization (WJJF-WJJKO) established in 1976 and has over 35,000 Registered Black Belts and over 250,000 Members Worldwide. PJJF states that they stand with the Mission of The Association For International Sport For All (TAFISA). TAFISA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Making them a pretty big deal, no?

World Jujitsu (WJJ)

Another international association, the WJJ is dedicated to the educational spreading of dozens of Jujitsu styles. With training going back to styles from the 1600s this association is built on history and respect.

The Martial Arts International Federation (MAIF)

Founded in 1952, the MAIF is the oldest continuously operating organization promoting international Budō and Jujitsu. The organization has headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. IMAF has branches in 17 countries.

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