John Soares K9 Training

• 23 June 2021

John Soares K9 Training Overview

The dog training profession is a service based on clear communication. A dog trainer’s own training ought to give you the skills to train dogs as well as an understanding of mistakes individuals generally make which can incite disobedience, behavioral issues and other challenges. Clients say they appreciate this education – it makes them feel part of their pet’s or K-9’s training experience.

Remember, today we live in an information based society. Individuals like to learn. The pet industry has developed enormously in recent years. Individuals who have dog training skills are sought after and more dogs are being utilized professionally than ever before. The John Soares K9 courses are intended to simplify and show you the best way to shape behavior.

Training Programs at John Soares K9 Training

  • Commercial Dog Trainer’s Course
  • Master Course Level 1
  • Master Course Level 2
  • Handler Course
  • Price Range: $4,500 – $12,500 

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