Iowa Physical Therapist Licensing

• 23 June 2021

Iowa Licensing Overview for a Physical Therapist

Licensing for a physical therapist in Iowa is controlled by the Iowa Board of Physical & Occupational Therapy .

General Guidelines for a Physical Therapist in Iowa

Follow state requirements to perform physical therapist services, but make sure to check with your local governing rules and regulations.

Who’s allowed to perform these services?

Physical Therapist

General requirements for a physical therapist license?

• Complete a board-approved application. Application forms may be obtained from the board’s Web site ( or directly from the board office, or the applicant may complete the application online at
• Each application shall be accompanied by the appropriate fees payable by check or money order to the Board of Physical and Occupational Therapy.
• No application will be considered by the board until official copies of academic transcripts sent directly from the school to the board of physical and occupational therapy have been received by the board. An applicant shall have successfully completed a physical therapy education program accredited by a national accreditation agency approved by the board

What’s the state licensing site for a physical therapist?

Iowa Board of Physical & Occupational Therapy

What are some training programs available for a physical therapist?

See training programs

How long is a license good for and when do I need to renew?

Check with local governing body for updated details.

What are fees associated with licensing?

Check with local governing body for updated details.