Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA)

• 23 June 2021

An Overview of Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA)

The Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) is an international organization dedicated to educating, training, and assisting professional tennis coaches who wish to evolve at the ATP World Tour level or want to work in women’s pro tennis.

Founded on August 28th, 2010, by 49 tour-level tennis coaches in a meeting at the famous Nino Tuscany’s restaurant in New York City, the GPTCA has continually worked to further the knowledge of tennis coaches who participate in the sport. Its president, Alberto Castellani, in his first speech described the mission of the association as “to raise the standard of pro tennis coaching around the globe thanks to the experience of the best ATP and WTA Tour coaches who share their knowledge with less experienced coaches.”

How to Join Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA)

• Determining Eligibility
Send them your detailed CV (or use our level recommender) so that our Board Members could determine what level – A, B or C – is appropriate for you. Note that the level A is attained mostly on the basis of achievements. Level B and C certfiication is usually gained through successful completion of courses, though it can be granted on the basis of a proven track in working with tennis players.

• Participation in a course
Unless you have been assigned one of the three levels of coaching proficiency, you have to take part in a course (B or C-Level) organized by the GPCTA in one of its member countries or through their Online University. Upon successful completion of the course, you become a Full Member of the GPTCA and can enjoy exclusive benefits.

• Fees
Entry Fee (excluding A-Level Members): 100 EUR
Annual Membership Fee: 100 EUR

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