How to Become a Dog Walker: A Career Overview

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Become a Dog Walker

Have you ever wondered what a professional dog walker does? To begin, they are a specialized type of service provider, a pet-sitter who takes care of dogs and walks them when their owners are absent. A professional dog walker travels to clients’ houses, checks in on their dogs, including their general well-being, food and water situation, picks up the dogs and takes them out for a walk. They make sure the dogs are well taken care of and have the essentials while the owner is away. Typically people who take care of animals and provide a dog walking service don’t need an abundance of educational experience. However, experience is useful when setting up a professional dog walking business. It can be a worthwhile endeavor. A prerequisite for this line of work is the ability to understand and be “good” with canines, as well as possess social skills to be courteous and professional with clients. A professional dog walker must possess the physical strength and aptitude to control dogs of all shapes and sizes and for long periods of time. They must be able to work in all manner of weather and be comfortable with a variety of cages/crates, different foods, how to address a sick or injured animal, to understand a variety of different leashes and restraints and of course be comfortable handling animal waste. Finally being self-motivated is essential to being a self-employed dog walker, alternately if you are an employee of a dog walking company you must be sociable, communicative and punctual.

Dog Walker Salary: How much do professional dog walkers make?

Dog walkers earn an average of $15 dollars an hour, however, a hustling entrepreneur can turn this into a very profitable business. ZipRecruiter has an upper range hitting just over $35,000 in calculated annual salary for dog walkers.

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