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Meet Other Dog Training Coaches

These groups are usually set up by trainers and behaviorists to ensure people looking for quality advice and help training canines receive safe, practical and modern science-based information. Many of these groups can be found on Facebook.

Check out Facebook groups for Dog Trainers:

  Dog Training Advice and Support

  Balanced Dog Trainers

  Dog Training 101: Community Forum

  Positive Dog Training Advice

  Schutzhund Dog Trainers

  Positive Dog Training Colorado

  Modern Dog Training and Behaviour

  Virtual Dog Trainers

  Dog Owners – Training methods, advice and support.

  7F Dog Trainer

  Dog Problems > Behaviour & Psychology

  The Truth About Balanced Dog Training

  US Balanced Dog Trainers

  Gun Dog Training

  Dog Trainer Sales & Marketing Group to Grow Your Business

  Training tips for your Australian Cattle Dog.

  Dog Trainers United

  Business Support by The Modern Dog Trainer

  Dog Trainers Helping Dog Trainers

  Jump Start Your Pet Business – Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Boarding

  Michael Ellis Dog Training – Student Group

  Reactive and Aggressive Dog Support Group

  Dog Training Workshops by McCann Dogs

  No Nonsense Dog Training

  Professional Dog Trainers Network

  The Dog Trainer Marketing Group

  Service Dog Trainers

  Dog Training and Behavior

  Working Dog Trainers

  Stock Dog Trainers

  Balanced Dog Training

  McCann Dogs Home School: My Dog Can – Life Skills

  Professional Women Dog Trainers

  Roar Dog Breeders and Trainers

  Ohio Dog Trainers

  Positive Dog Trainers Discussion and Support Group

  Petsmart Dog Trainers

  Dog Training Club Of India

  Marketing & Business For R+ Dog Training Pros

  Do No Harm Dog Training

  Puppy and Dog Training

  New England Dog Trainers

  Training the versatile hunting dog

  TAGteach for Dog Trainers

  Dog Trainers – Marketing and running your business

  Dog Trainers: Professionals Only

  Positive Force Free R+ Dog Training Library

  Stock Dog Training Group

  Owner Trained Service Dogs

  Yuma Dog Trainers

  Glasgow Dog Trainer Discussion Group



  Professional dog training k9

  Petco Dog Trainers United

  Dog Training Book Club for Trainers

  RI Dog Trainer’s Network

  Professional Dog Trainers BC

  Aspiring Dog Trainers & Behavior Consultants

  South Carolina Protection Dog Trainers!!

  Balanced Dog Training-For Trainers

  South Texas Gun Dogs, Dog Handlers, Guides, Trainers, Leases and Equipment

  Colorado Force-Free Dog Trainers Group

  Animal Sense: Basic Training And Behavior Problems

  Dog Training 101: Learning Lab for Trainers

  Ask Jeff The Dog Trainer

  Business Bootcamp For Dog Trainers

  Florida Dog Trainers Association


  Greater Seattle Professional and Amateur Dog Trainers Discussion Group

  Community Of Service Dog Trainers

  Association of Balanced Dog Trainers Official Members

  Accelerator For Dog Trainers

  Aggressive Dog Support Group

  Dog Trainers in Ontario- Professional Only

  Force-Free Canadian Dog Trainers And Pet Professionals

  CPenn Dog Trainers

  The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

  Professional Dog Trainers of Central PA

  Dog Trainers inspired by Turid Rugaas

  Einstein Dog Training Clients and Trainers

  Gundog Training, Trainers, Groups and Dates.

  Colorado Dog Trainers Network

  The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – IRELAND –

  Alaskan Noble Companion Dog (ANCD) for Smart Independent Thinkers Trainers

  Smart Switch For Dog Trainers

  dogs trainers and lovers kerala

  Companion Dog Trainers LTD.

  K9 Handlers

  Cow Dogs Only

  Belgian Malinois Breeding and Training

  Gundog Training for Novices

  Old School, New School Chicago Dog training

  K9 Handlers & Trainers of Law Enforcement

  Dog Training and Behaviour in Malta

  Malaysia Trainer’s Network

  Force Free Trainers – Solving the Behavior and Aggression Puzzle

  Reactive Dogs (UK)

  Malinois Breeders, Trainers and Owners in South-Africa