Dog Trainer College

• 23 June 2021

Dog Trainer College Overview

These dog trainer courses are intended for students who want to train on a professional level. They are collegiate-level courses that are far more advanced than a hobbyist’s level, with a focused concentration on the various aspects of training.

The Dog Trainer College offers comprehensive dog trainer courses. With a forward-thinking approach, their classes teach innovative world-class strategies that are effective, humane, and proven to be highly successful.

Training Programs at Dog Trainer College

  • Master Dog Trainer Course
  • Behavior and Obedience Course
  • Behavior and Obedience Course Online
  • Protection Dog Trainer Course
  • Service Dog Trainer Course
  • Scent Detection Course
  • Cadaver Detection Course
  • Price Range: $3,475 – $15,900 

Resources for Dog Trainer College