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Certification Programs and Training for Dog Sitter

No formal training or certification is needed to be a dog sitter, however, various organizations offer online certificates that may provide you with an advantage over others in your industry. There is such a thing as a “certified” dog sitter. There are a few reliable sources that certify dog sitters and while not an absolutely necessary process, certification helps build trust between the dog sitter and the client. If you want to be a reputable dog sitter, an expert knowledge of dogs is a must. A good dog sitter is familiar with all aspects of dog behavior, psychology and care. Like most trades,  a dog sitter should have a large amount of hands-on experience and many hours in the field. A background in animal healthcare is a definite asset, such as the training you would receive as a veterinarian’s technician or assistant. Knowledge of canine CPR is a helpful first aid skill. Any additional dog related skills can also be helpful when creating promotional and marketing material for potential clients. Becoming a dog sitter requires that you have a good rapport with dogs. You must enjoy spending time with all kinds of dogs and have a compassionate, yet firm rapport with canines.  A good dog sitter is reliable and can be counted upon. You must care for dogs as if they were your own. This is someone’s “fur baby,” after all. The client must also feel comfortable with you, the sitter, staying in their home. They must feel that you are a good person and worthy of their trust. Dog sitting is an ever-growing industry, because as humans our love of animal companions never seems to waiver.