Choosing Software – Mindbody vs PocketSuite

7 min read • 6 May 2020

So, you’re looking for a solution to help you run your service business and you’re considering MindBody. In this article we will be discussing the pros and cons of using MindBody, how MindBody compares to PocketSuite, and what we would recommend based on your situation. We will be discussing the top feature gaps and also pricing differences. A comparison that takes into account not just what the software can do, but how much it will cost you as well!

Choosing the right software to run your service business is critical because the features that the software provides is a direct reflection of how professional and tech-savvy your clients will think you are.

For example, if the software you’re using makes it easy for you to follow up with your clients, then you’re more likely to do so, resulting in a better experience (and more sales for you!)

On the contrary, if the software you use makes it difficult to do certain business tasks (such as invoicing, scheduling, payments, etc) you might have to use multiple solutions to get those tasks done. This creates confusion and the appearance disorganization. It also makes it difficult to manage because you’re relying on so many different tools and software systems to interact with your clients.

Instead, let’s take a look at how MindBody can help you as a solopreneur or a business with a small team and how it compares to PocketSuite.



  • Branded Mobile App – Have a white-labeled app to show your clients.
  • Marketing – Get more clients with MindBody’s marketing package.
  • Online Booking – Have clients book online.
  • POS – Point of Sale system – accept credit cards on the spot.
  • Client Profiles – Each client has their own profile.
  • Team Tools – Manage your team members.
  • Reports – See how your business is performing.
  • Automation – Save time with automated tasks.



  • Marketing – PocketSuite has partnered with Google AdWords to help you acquire new client leads and give you best in class marketing!
  • Online Leads or Online Booking – Customers can signup and/or book you online on your website or even on your Facebook or Instagram pages. Just add the online lead widget or a booking button in seconds.
  • POS – Point of Sale system (no card reader or swiper needed – just use your our built in scanner to charge cards from your phone!).
  • Discounts – Provide customizable discounts and promotions to your clients.
  • Sales Tax / Surcharges – Make sure you save some for Uncle Sam! This feature makes it easy to charge and set aside sales taxes and to pass on processing fees (if you like).
  • Gratuity – Let your clients show their appreciation by giving you a tip.
  • Custom Fields – Need customizable fields in your client profile to capture additional information when they sign up or complete their first session? You’ve got it!
  • Appointment Reminders – Automated appointment reminders sent to your clients – easy, breezy!
  • Recurring Appointments – Grow your loyal customer base with our handy repeat appointments feature.
  • Multi-Services – If you provide more than 1 service, you want this feature!
  • Estimates – Need to send an estimate for a larger client? Look no further, it’s in your pocket!
  • Packages – Build a custom package for your clients – there are no limits. Allows you to get paid upfront and track sessions completed.
  • Subscriptions – Allow customers to become subscribers, pay a membership fee, set up auto-pay, or establish an installment payment plan.
  • Classes – You can offer group sessions as Series or Drop In classes! Your clients can auto-check in. You can take attendance from the class roster and establish a waitlist.
  • Team – Run your business – assign jobs, pay your team, and manage your team with this powerful set of features.
  • Forms & Contracts – import your forms and contracts within minutes so you can send them via text or email, get them signed online, and store them all in the app. Hassle free.
  • Group Messaging – Keep everyone in the loop and on the same page without messy group texts
  • Smart Campaigns – Are there routine messages that you send out anytime you miss a call, Labor Day and other holidays comes around, clients signup, clients complete an appointment, clients haven’t booked you in a while, a client’s package expires, etc.? Don’t worry about sending out a message. The system automatically sends out personalized messages for you with promotional offers to groups of clients who you identify.
  • Add on Products – Do you sell products that clients can pay for when they book you and pickup when they are onsite? We’ve got you covered.
  • Gift Certificates – How do you reward clients for making referrals? Gift certificates are the best. They are also a great way to get paid upfront during the holiday season. The system automatically applies the gift certificate and tracks the balance for you and your clients.
  • Leaderboard – Curious how much other businesses in your industry are making? You can easily benchmark your income and business metrics. Share best practices with other successful Pros.

As you can clearly see, PocketSuite has a plethora of additional features that are super useful for solopreneurs and businesses with small teams. You can turn on any of the features above that fit your business needs and start getting booked and paid within minutes on PocketSuite.

Additionally the pricing for Mindbody vs PocketSuite is worth taking a look at. You’d think that PocketSuite would be more expensive given all of the additional features that it has at your disposal.

However, the contrary is true! PocketSuite was developed exclusively for solopreneurs and businesses with small teams. We know the best way to support small business and is to provide a super affordable solution. So that what we do. We believe you should invest in your business instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive software.

MindBody Pricing

PocketSuite Pricing

How crazy is that! PocketSuite actually has a free plan that has all of the essentials you need to run your business. If you don’t yet have any clients or haven’t yet hit your income goals, feel free to start off on the FREE plan.
Additionally, the pro version of PocketSuite is less expensive than MindBody and also comes with more powerful, super simple features.
Let’s take a look at some of those additional features now:

PocketSuite Free Version

  • Direct Messaging – Business messaging on steroids!
  • Calendar Scheduling – No more Google Calendar / Outlook headaches.
  • Client Note-Taking – Never forget critical info about your clients as your business grows.
  • Industry Leaderboard – See who’s crushing it in your industry and beyond!
  • Pay Now Button (Website/FB/IG) – Seriously, people can pay you right from your Instagram page. It’s the future!
  • Flat 2.9% + 30¢ Processing (No Hidden Fees) – Beat those rates.

PocketSuite Premium Version

  • Unique Business # – Get your very own unique business number to share.
  • Subscription Payments – Tired of chasing payments down? Stop being a bill collector and focus on running your business!
  • Customer Group Messaging – No more texts getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Saved Message Templates – Cut down on writing the same messages over and over again, just have them ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • Class Scheduling, Auto Check Ins & Attendance Tracking – Your classes have never been easier to run or manage.
  • Online Booking – Let people book at any time – day or night.
  • Tasks / To-Do’s – Keep your to do list organized and on track – all in one app!
  • Data Importing – We’ll help import your clients from your old software.
  • Questionnaires / Forms – Ask customers what they think or have them fill out an intake form for your service.
  • Contract E-Signing – Need a contract signed by your clients? We’ve got the tool right here!
  • Estimates – Need to provide an estimate to your prospective client? Here’s the solution.
  • Smart Campaigns – Automated SMS reminders and custom campaigns – convert more one and done clients to repeat customers!
  • Package Sales & Usage Tracking – Keep tabs on your client sessions with fabulous tracking.
  • Add-On Products – Need to sell additional products with your services? This is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Additionally I’d like to point out one thing that is generally overlooked when folks are choosing a software for their service business.  This is a feature that is normally not listed on websites, but it actually becomes critically important when it comes to selecting the right software partner.
One thing people generally don’t take into account is the level of customer service that a company provides to their customers.

It’s difficult to quantify the quality of customer service that a company provides since there are no clear metrics other than “they helped me” or “they didn’t.”

That being said, it’s important to note that PocketSuite’s customer service team is absolutely AWESOME. They respond quickly and provide accurate, helpful advice.

You can text them – the number is on the website. I’ve never found a customer support team that is so dedicated to helping business owners – 24/7.

This is important, should you have any issues setting up your app or managing it. Since you’re dealing with your own clients, it’s super important that your app is in working order and everything is taken care of properly, so that makes me appreciate the customer service PocketSuite provides all that much more.

It’s a no brainer when it comes to choosing software for your service business.

If you’re a fan of saving money and having more tools in your arsenal to run your business even smoother and with less hassle and headaches, give PocketSuite a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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