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So, you’re looking for an app to help you run your service business and you’re considering Acuity Scheduling. In this article we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using Acuity, how Acuity compares to PocketSuite, and what we would recommend based on your business needs. Acuity brings a lot to the table, especially since being acquired by SquareSpace (announced April 2019).

It’s important to choose the right software for running your service business. In terms of the right mix of features and price, you want something that won’t hurt your pockets but will still give you all the powerful features and tools necessary to run your solo operation in the modern age.

For example, if you have software that automates many of the routine, repetitive tasks that you’d normally have to do yourself, then your time is freed up to focus on more important things like getting new customers and delighting the ones you already have. Not to mention growing the business!

Whatever software you use to manage your business, will be a critical part of your business and will have a huge impact on your client experience.

Let’s take a look at what Acuity can do for you and how it compares to PocketSuite.

Top Feature Categories

#1 Scheduling / Syncing with Calendar

Acuity syncs with, Exchange, Office 365, iCal, and Google Calendar.

PocketSuite syncs with Google Calendar and iCal (the top used calendars by solopreneurs and small businesses – also can be set up directly through the app with no desktop needed!)

#2 Integrations

Acuity integrates with GoToMeeting,, and Zoom. These are all video conferencing platforms that are suited towards larger, enterprise-level businesses with big teams that require collaboration using video conference.

Acuity integrates with Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and Xero in order to do accounting and invoicing for larger businesses.

Acuity also integrates with MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and MadMimi for bulk emailing, suitable for enterprise-level businesses.

PocketSuite integrates with your website (on any web builder platform), Facebook, Instagram, Google Voice, Google Docs, etc. You can import your PocketSuite data into any accounting system, including Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero. You can import your client data into any marketing system, including MailChimp, Constant Contact, EventBrite, Intercom, etc..

You can add your video conferencing meet link to your appointments in PocketSuite from any video conferencing platform, including GoToMeeting,, Zoom, GoogleHangouts.

#3 Accepting Payments

Acuity allows you to accept payments through PayPal, Square, Braintree, and

PocketSuite, on the other hand, processes payments directly through the PocketSuite app so there is no need to integrate another payment provider and stack on unnecessary fees.

Sign Up Business

#4 Tips / Gratuity

Both Acuity and PocketSuite allow you to accept tips or gratuity from your clients.

#5 Coupons / Discounts

Both Acuity and PocketSuite allow you to offer discounts and/or coupons to your clients.

PocketSuite allows you to set and automate special promotions for specific clients, for specific services, and/or for client groups based on their booking history with you.

#6 Classes / Workshops / Group Events

Both Acuity and PocketSuite allow you to offer classes, workshops, and group events. PocketSuite allows you to organize and manage them from your mobile phone instead of having to use a desktop.

#7 Add-ons

Acuity allows you to upsell clients by adding add-ons at checkout.
PocketSuite on the other hand has a fully streamlined checkout process that includes add-ons and also allows you to sell products and services with different prices, and even add custom fields and contracts for signature to your booking site, making it a more robust version of Acuity’s upsell feature.

Additional Features for Solopreneurs and Small Businesses

PocketSuite boasts a robust set of additional features geared towards solopreneurs and small businesses. Note: these can ALL be set up from your phone! Check them out:

  • Marketing – PocketSuite partnered with Google to send you new client leads
  • Online Booking – Allow customers to book your services online from anywhere on any device
  • POS – Point of Sale platform – no chip reader needed – just scan the credit card and charge
  • Discounts – Give your favorite clients discounts with ease
  • Sales Tax – Need to charge tax? Now you can
  • Gratuity – Tips are great. Now you can accept them and so can your team
  • Custom Fields – Customize your booking with fields for anything
  • Recurring Appointments – Keep your clients coming back and grow your recurring income
  • Multi-Services – Have different services to offer? This is the solution!
  • Estimates – Send out estimates with ease and convert to invoices and/or appointments automatically!
  • Packages – Create a custom package of services for your clients
  • Subscriptions – Have auto-charging in place for your members, it will make life easier
  • Classes – Schedule and check clients into your classes!
  • Team – Your team will love using PocketSuite and you will love managing them with it
  • Group Messaging – Finally, a clean way to send group messages

As you can see, PocketSuite has a ton of additional features that are critical for success.

Acuity’s software is complex and difficult to manage. PocketSuite on the other hand is intuitive and easy. I’m a big fan of simplicity because I have one million other things that I need to do for my business – at all times. I need software with a fast learning curve!

Now let’s shift over to thinking about money. You don’t want to be spending a ton of money every month without getting the bang for your buck. So let’s consider pricing for a moment.

With Acuity, you get barebones pricing for barebones service. With PocketSuite, you pay a little bit more for 200-300% more powerful and east to use features.

Acuity Pricing

PocketSuite Pricing

PocketSuite’s “Premium” Plan is for one person businesses. The “Team” plan is $34.99 for up to 2 team members, including SuperAdmin, and then $9.99 for every additional team member over 2.

It’s also important to note that PocketSuite delivers best-in-class support.

As a business owner, this is important to me for multiple reasons.

Let me tell you a story – one time I had a question about the app. I wasn’t able to figure it out when I reviewed their support center. I texted their support team and received a response within 10 minutes that helped me resolve my issue.

If I hadn’t been able to figure this out, it may have cost me a client. It turns out it was just a simple error on my part that caused this issue, but having a supportive team of folks helping you out with your business app is probably the most comforting and wonderful thing about using PocketSuite.

It’s vastly more important to have a responsive, helpful team of folks that have your back if your business relies on the functionality of an app that you’re still learning. That’s why it’s great that PocketSuite also has a full-fledged support center with video walk-throughs, which I totally missed my first-time. It was super helpful once I knew about those resources!

You can text their support team using the number of the website – they’re fast, helpful, and genuinely trying to give you the best possible experience. For that I have to thank them. Hats off to you folks!

The result is clear – it’s easy to make the choice when it comes to finding the right solution to manage your business.

If you’re a fan of having more cash in your pocket, more features in your business management software, and a support team that’s got your back, give PocketSuite a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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