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An Overview of California Karate Association

Sensei Hiroyasu Fujishima, eighth DAN (8thDegree Black Belt) is the most noteworthy classified black belt holder in the Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation, which is the biggest Shotokan Association on the planet. Born in Japan in 1941, Fujishima started his karate training and career first as a middle school student, proceeding to Takushoku University. He trained with students of Master Funakoshi, the originator of Shotokan, and exceeded expectations in all parts of the art. He also practices Judo and Aikido, acquiring black belts in both.

How to Join California Karate Association

To join check the website linked below for Unlimited Adult Membership: $120/month and Unlimited Child Membership: $110/month
Private Lessons available (inquire about pricing) Karate Uniform $40 (student discount available).

Resources for California Karate Association

Location: 17319 Roscoe Blvd Northridge, California