4 Ways Calendar Sync Can Make You More $$$

4 min read • 7 March 2019

Syncing your work calendar with your personal calendar is crucial when it comes to running an efficient business (and a functional life!). Make sure you’ve synced your calendar in PocketSuite (or any other calendar tool you are using), to maximize the $$$’s in your pocket. Here are some awesome benefits to syncing your calendar…

Reduce your Client Churn

Opportunity cost is a fancy term used for simply “missing out”.

If your calendars are not synced, then you can miss out big time on a client and new business. Huge opportunity cost.

Imagine this when dealing with a new client…

You ask a new client what time next week works for them to meet. Or better yet, you share your calendar with that new client. They choose a date and time that appears free, the client is happy, you’re happy.

Fast forward a couple days, and you look at your personal calendar and see you actually have a lunch scheduled that day. Or a doctor’s appointment. Or you have to pick your kids up at school. Or you have family in town.

Your next move is to being forced to tell that new client that you’re actually NOT available during the time you initially said you were. Meaning, your client has to re-think their entire schedule too.

Not only that, but questions arise in your client’s head:
— Is this business owner not organized?
— Will he or she reschedule on me again?
— Is their behavior now going to be similar to the quality of their work?

Your client could very well “churn”. Meaning, you ask to reschedule, and you never hear from the client again.

If you’re lucky, then you can reschedule with the client, but they’re not going to be happy.

And if they do churn, then that’s you “missing out” on a new client that could put $$$ in your pocket.

Eliminate the Back and Forth Plague

Let’s return to the aforementioned client example.

If that client doesn’t churn, then that’s great news! 

Unfortunately, here comes the rescheduling work…

Frustrated, your client will then ask about another date & time in the future that might work. You’ll have to check not just your work calendar but also your personal calendar to ensure there’s not conflict that day. That’s 2x the work on 2 calendars.

If there’s a conflict, then you’ll have to search some more on your 2 calendars to find a couple other dates/times that might work for that client.

At some point the client will hopefully find a time that will work for them.

However the back-and-forth time spent is killer, and it’s not necessarily a fun or convenient experience for any new customer.

Get Booked while you Sleep

Imagine a world where you felt like you had a personal assistant who never bothered you, who you didn’t have to pay for, and who you didn’t even know existed.

If you share a sync’d calendar clients – then you’ve accomplished just that. 

You’ve got your powerful, invisible, free personal assistant.

A major competitive advantage you can reap as a busy professional is not just syncing your calendars, but sharing your sync’d availability with clients.

You can do this by adding online scheduling to your website, Facebook page or Instagram page (if you’ve got one). You can also send (via SMS text or email) your availability via a URL or booking link to customers.

Sounds advanced, but it’s really not.

Interested clients never need to call you to ask when you’re free; or email you asking what times work. Your calendar can answer all those scheduling questions upfront with a simple availability view. Bonus: You can get new clients put on your calendar while you’re busy with another client…or while you sleep.

These are just some simple strategies to help share your true availability with the world – minimal effort for you, but goes a long way for immediate scheduling (and payment) efficiencies for your business.

Keep your Personal Life Sane

Whether you’ve got kids, a spouse, friends, hobbies or anything else that might take up your time other than work – you want to make sure things run smoothly in your personal life. 

I’m sure your family will appreciate knowing when they can spend time with you.

I have a feeling your friends don’t want you cancelling their plans.

If your personal life starts conflicting with your work life, then that puts you in an awkward position where you have to choose.

Do you pick another customer paycheck? Or do you pick spending more time with your family?

Don’t put yourself in that position to choose.

Make sure that your personal and professional calendars are sync’d so that you never have to make that fateful decision of getting double-booked, and disappointing someone important to you.

The happier your home life is, the better you’ll feel. Positive energy will translate to better work, thus happier clients, and more referrals 🙂

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