2-Way Text Messaging

  • Use the PocketSuite Messenger to communicate with any client
  • Keep a rich message thread with each one of your clients
  • Send all messages to clients straight from the Messages tab
  • Clients receive messages via SMS text – just like any other message – and can respond to you in real-time
  • Keep a detailed history of all communication and transactions per client in a single thread
  • Finally, easily separate business contacts with personal contacts.

Photo Sharing

  • It’s not just text messaging 🙂
  • Exchange rich photos with all your clients
  • Send pictures of finished jobs, work to be done, and any other relevant visual content
  • Save all photos sent for your records
  • Clients can even send you photos in response via standard SMS text
  • Just tap the paper clip icon next to the “New Message” box.

GPS Location Check-in

  • With one tap, send your location to clients
  • Needing to “check in” for a job? Send location
  • Meeting client at a specific spot? Send location
  • Client needing direction to your location? Send location
  • Clients can pull up a map view of your GPS location for directions, record keeping and more – all from their smartphones
  • Just tap the paper clip icon next to the “New Message” box.

Customer Shortcodes

Give your the most convenient booking & payment experience ever

Allow clients to respond to all appointments and invoices via text message with simple action words (e.g., “Shortcodes”)

  • “/Book” — gives clients access to your scheduling link for booking
  • “/Pay” — pays any outstanding invoice instantly
  • “/Confirm” — confirms any outstanding appointment instantly
  • “/Status” — outlines upcoming client schedule

Check out our Shortcode Library for all these client text codes!

Group Messaging

Send bulk messages to all your clients instantly

  • Share with your clients any important group announcement:
  • News & announcements
  • Deals & discounts
  • Your booking link
  • Important class information

Clients can respond to all group messages privately to you via standard SMS text message

Unique Mobile #

We’re giving you a unique business #…just for you

All messages sent to clients are delivered from a unique # in your local area code

  • Clients can save this # down as your business line, send texts to that #, and even call it
  • All texts are sent directly to you PocktSuite messages thread
  • All calls are forwarded directly to your cell phone

Time to separate your personal line from your business line

*Your are giving a unique # upon becoming a Premium Member*

Team Communication

Keep tabs on all your team in real-time

Send messages directly to team members you add to PocketSuite

Have workers check in, make sure they’re on time, ensure they have all job details in real-time

Workers complete all communication on their end via standard SMS text – no software to learn or buy

*Worker messaging is part of the Premium+ Membership – find all “getting started” information on the Premium+ page*