2-Way Text Messaging

Use the PocketSuite Messenger to communicate with any client

Keep a rich message thread with each one of your clients

Send all messages to clients straight from the Messages tab

Clients receive messages via SMS text - just like any other message - and can respond to you in real-time

Keep a detailed history of all communication and transactions per client in a single thread

Finally, easily separate business contacts with personal contacts

Photo Sharing

It's not just text messaging :)

Exchange rich photos with all your clients

Send pictures of finished jobs, work to be done, and any other relevant visual content

Save all photos sent for your records

Clients can even send you photos in response via standard SMS text

Just tap the paper clip icon next to the "New Message" box

GPS Location Check-in

With one tap, send your location to clients

Needing to "check in" for a job? Send location

Meeting client at a specific spot? Send location

Client needing direction to your location? Send location

Clients can pull up a map view of your GPS location for directions, record keeping and more - all from their smartphones

Just tap the paper clip icon next to the "New Message" box

Customer Shortcodes

Give your the most convenient booking & payment experience ever

Allow clients to respond to all appointments and invoices via text message with simple action words (e.g., "Shortcodes")

- "/Book" -- gives clients access to your scheduling link for booking
- "/Pay" -- pays any outstanding invoice instantly
- "/Confirm" -- confirms any outstanding appointment instantly
- "/Status" -- outlines upcoming client schedule

Check out our Shortcode Library for all these client text codes!

Group Messaging

Send bulk messages to all your clients instantly

Share with your clients any important group announcement:
- News & announcements
- Deals & discounts
- Your booking link
- Important class information

Clients can respond to all group messages privately to you via standard SMS text message

Unique Mobile #

We're giving you a unique business #...just for you

All messages sent to clients are delivered from a unique # in your local area code

Clients can save this # down as your business line, send texts to that #, and even call it
- All texts are sent directly to you PocktSuite messages thread
- All calls are forwarded directly to your cell phone

Time to separate your personal line from your business line

*Your are giving a unique # upon becoming a Premium Member*

Staff Communication

Keep tabs on all your staff in real-time

Send messages directly to staff members you add to PocketSuite

Have workers check in, make sure they're on time, ensure they have all job details in real-time

Workers complete all communication on their end via standard SMS text - no software to learn or buy

*Worker messaging is part of the Premium+ Membership - find all "getting started" information on the Premium+ page*