What certifications are required for Judo Instructors?

The United States Martial Arts Association (USMAA) is a non-profit organization designed to provide instruction to members, host training camps, support coaches and students, and publish educational materials. The USMAA is a large governing body that works hard to spread the values and high-quality examination, testing, and instruction standards. Certification types may vary from program to program.

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United States of America Traditional Kodokan Judo

United States of America Traditional Kodokan Judo Overview The primary reason for certified coaches is to to train judo coaches in ...
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USJF National Teachers Institute

USJF National Teachers Institute Overview USJF Teachers Institute Teachers Certification and re-certification can be done through distance learning and online courses ...
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USJF The Informed Coach

USJF The Informed Coach Overview The USJF has endorsed this national certificate program as a way to build up the coaching ...
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