Import & Save Your Contracts

Add any contract or waiver you use directly to PocketSuite (under Settings > Contracts)

Or import existing contracts from your desktop (LEARN HOW)

Add your very own signature to be included on any contract you send a client

Combine workflows! Add an invoice for immediate sending after contract is signed

Make Contracts Dynamic

Edit any contract you import to include dynamic fields

All fields update depending on the client and transaction detailed relating to each contract

Fields include:

  • {name} – client’s name
  • {email} – client’s email
  • {phone} – client’s number
  • {today} – today’s date
  • {total} – transaction total
  • {amount} – transaction total after discount
  • {deposit} – deposit on the transaction
  • {rate} – final amount due on the transaction
  • {date} – transaction date
  • {postal_code} — client’s zipcode

Formatting: wrap any text with <b>…</b> tags to show text in bold

Send Contracts for Signature

Tap “SEND” on any contract to send over to any customer for execution

Choose to have contracts delivered via email or text message

Contracts auto-formatted into PDF documents for organized and professional delivery

Convenient Client E-Signing

Clients get notified in real-time with any contract or waiver sent

Simple call-to-action presented: Sign Contract

Customers can review any contract and easily sign with a finger straight from their smartphone (no need to download any app or sign into any account)

Attach Contracts on Invoices, Appointments and more

Attach any contract when sending an invoice to a client

Attach any contract when sending an appointment to a client

Clients are prompted to e-sign any contract prior to paying or confirming any transaction you send them


Combine Contracts with your Online Booking Workflow

Require clients booking you online to e-sign custom contracts during the reservation flow

Combine processes of contract + booking into a single online workflow

Auto-detection of recurring clients to ensure the same client is not required to fill out the same contract during repeat booking occurrences