Sending Personalized Marketing Messages Automatically.

Available on iOS and Android

Easily track messages sent, read, and income earned from these marketing campaigns

Send personalized marketing messages (automatically) to welcome new clients, rebook past clients, renew clients with expiring packages, make announcements, offer special promotions, send before and after appointment instructions.

Easily track messages sent, read, and income earned from these marketing campaigns. Most Pros earn $18 for every $1 spent on a Smart Campaign. That’s an 18x return on investment.

Make sending special offers and announcements a breeze

Do you give new clients special promotions or holiday discounts? Like a 20% discount on Black Friday or bring a friend for free?

Automatically send these offers with a personalized note to all your clients or just to those who haven’t booked or paid you in a while with a 1 tap to launch text marketing campaign.

Do you forget to welcome new clients or follow-up with clients who haven’t booked you in a while?

Don’t worry about having to remember because the system will remember for you.
Send a personalized message based on a schedule that you set to new clients to get them to make their first booking or a rebooking message with a discount to get past clients to work with you again.

No more missed calls or delayed responses to client text messages!

When you are seeing another client, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on new clients and urgent messages.

Automatically send personalized text message responses to anyone who calls or texts you and doesn’t reach you. It includes your online booking link so they don’t have to wait for you to respond. They can easily self-book you.

Send prep before appointments and follow-up information to clients after appointments

No more spending hours of time faxing or emailing instructions to clients to get them ready for your service. It’s sent auto-magically! Your clients will know you care when they have a personalized self-care message waiting for them after your appointment. Your booking link will be there so they can easily book their next session.

Smart Campaigns with PocketSuite is like having a personal assistant who can read your mind.

Make sure your clients renew their packages without lifting a finger

Whether your clients’ packages are about to be exhausted or expiring, they’ll get an automatic, personalized reminder message to renew

For those who have expired packages, you can schedule when to offer them a special discount message to buy a new one.

That is just plain awesome!


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