Same speed, less cost

A flat 2.7% processing fee no matter what card type (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, etc.), or charge flow (online payment, point-of-sale).

Get payments direct deposited into your bank account fast - with same-day day payout speed.

Store a card, charge a card

Store any client's credit (or debit) card in seconds, and charge at will. Not extra fees for card entry or storage. The same flat 2.7% per payment.

Finally - payments integrated

Link or request payment to any type of workflow.

Online payments, deposits on appointments, traditional invoicing or point-of-sale.

Choose how you want payments integrated with the way you interact with clients.

[screenshot of INCOME dashboard here]

Set up recurring payments

Sit back and let those client payments role in. If you have membership plans, recurring payment plans, or auto billing set up with clients -- then we're here to help.


Get paid upfront

Pay now, schedule later. Sell your services as packages. Request payment for a bundled set of service appointments, then track sessions for each sold package.

Read about the entire 10 different ways you can accept card payments using PocketSuite :)

Questions? Connect with us!

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