You probably woke up this morning, opened up your newly updated PocketSuite app, and saw a lot of changes.

We can be the first to admit that change is hard. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” as the saying goes. The truth is though, after thousands of conversations with awesome PocketSuite customers (just like you), we felt like there was an element of something being “broken” in PocketSuite.

It might not have been apparent, but there was definitely a continued theme that things within the app (broadly speaking) could be just a tad easier to do.

So we rolled out this new release with the following goals in mind when it comes to daily experience with the app.


Make It Easier for You to Take Basic Actions

The first 2 things you probably noticed as soon as you opened up the new PocketSuite app were:

1) No more tabs (i.e., the 5 tabs that were at the bottom of the screen)

2) 6 action items front and center

We found that PocketSuite users were – plain and simple – having to tap too many times to take basic actions. Charging a card, sending an invoice, scheduling an appointment, sending a contract, and more, should not take more than just a couple steps to send out to a client.

However, in the old version of PocketSuite, at times it would take you more than a handful of clicks to take a basic action. And to make things worse, in some instances you could perform a specific workflow (like sending an invoice) a few different ways.

You may or may not have noticed this situation within the app, as this is what you just got “used to”. Your muscle memory was built up (at no fault of your own) in ways that were putting strain on those precious fingers of yours.

So we took action.

Now, all your most common actions are right in front of you, at eye level. There’s no need to navigate to different tabs, or get lost down different rabbit holes.

Want to charge a card? Tap CHARGE.

For more involved features (like scheduling classes, sending contracts, selling packages), you can locate those “jumping off points” on the home screen (formally “Dashboard”). Each involved feature has its own entry field…like a feature home where it’s easy for you to take relevant action.

Our entire goal is to help you save time and get you paid faster. We’re confident that allowing you to do basic things quicker will help you reach those goals in much more constructive ways.


Eliminate the Waste

We pride ourselves in diligently listening to our customers’ feedback, circling up internally, and rolling out new features on a regular basis to help PocketSuite businesses.

The truth is, however, that a specific product feature that helps you, might not benefit the professional down the street. And with too many options and features available within the app, that creates a lot of excess “stuff”. Stuff that should be thrown out…or “recycled” is probably the better term for it.

Which is why we decided to give you complete control over what features you’d like unlocked in your account.

Besides the core/basic features of charging, invoicing, scheduling and messaging, you can customize your “feature experience” in PocketSuite to whatever you’d like. That means 18 features you can choose unlock at will – only if you’d like to use them of course.

This presents a much more trimmed down and less busy experience if you’re not using half the features that we have available to you.

You’ll notice (for example) your Settings page is cleaned up – less stuff to “set up”. Also just going through the daily motions of transacting with customers, you’ll see there’s a lot less wasteful distractions.

We’ve automatically preserved (or default “unlocked”) in each one of your accounts those features that you do use on a regular basis, so fret not that any important data is lost in your account.

Clean is good. We hope you feel the same :)


Increased Transparency

There is a ton of busywork being a small business owner. And we know this first hand after speaking to our customers every day.

Questions you need answers to each day can range broadly: How many sessions does my client have left on her package? Did my deposit get sent today? How come my client’s card didn’t go through? Which calendar are my appointments sync’ing to?

When you initially started your business, you probably weren’t thinking you’d have to be asking yourself dozens of random (yet important) questions each day. But the truth is there is a ton of stuff going on in between providing service to your clients that you need to be constantly on top of.

So we wanted to help a lot more to answer all those little questions with more transparency directly within the app. 

What used to be your “Dashboard” is now your HOME. You’ll notice that most of your features have their own section or entry on your home screen…features like Packages, Contracts, Questionnaires, Estimates, Classes, Subscriptions, and more.

Each one of those entries is your home base. The app has become smarter to help you track things like sessions used on packages, statuses of things sent to clients, and upcoming actions that need to be taken on your end.

In addition, there’s much more transparency in terms of income earned, future income, and deposits pending. You’ll find it has become a lot easier to track (1) any pending payments that you’re waiting on clients to make (under the new Future Income home entry), (2) payments that were made by clients and when (under the Income home entry), and (3) the status of those payments – exactly the date/time when daily deposits will be sent out to your bank (under the Income home entry).

Oh, and we also added a "Refund" feature allowing you to refund clients directly from the app.

Finally, a somewhat hidden but really powerful enhancement was made to calendar sync. If you head to Settings > Business > Sync, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

You now have complete transparency over what exact calendars your PocketSuite appointments are syncing to, as well as the exact calendars that are syncing back to PocketSuite (for any personal appointments you’d like to show up in the app).


Our Promise to You

We completely understand that some of you might feel surprised and initially uncomfortable with the new layout of the upgraded PocketSuite.

It’s against our human nature to change our behavior (at least in the short term).

But we hope you understand that all these changes we made had a single goal in mind: to make your life easier. That means cutting down on your daily busy work, making sure you get paid faster, and eliminating any confusion or questions you need to ask us (which is a time suck on your end).

We’re always around to help you get accustomed to the new PocketSuite layout. Just drop us a line at – as always we’d love to hear your feedback!