Stay Connected with Live Video Conferencing

Available on iOS and Android.

Secure, Convenient, Supported

Video Meetings

Integrated Scheduling

Schedule one on one client appointments with built in video conference links. Or setup services that are video meetings only, so when clients book you online a video conference meeting is automatically scheduled with an integrated video conference link.


Do it all in one place, schedule appointments, do your client meetings online, and collect contactless payments. Don’t skip a beat. No extra copy and paste work. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Secure and Safe

Easy client authentication required to join a video conference. For Therapists & Health & Wellness: HIPAA compliant video conferencing and telehealth. Totally private, completely secure.

Anytime, Any Device

Connect with your clients and deliver the same great service online on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) at any time of day and night.

Simple, Flexible

Virtual Rooms

One Tap Connection

No complicated setup. One tap access to join. Easy one tap to turn on camera and microphone. One tap to resend the video conference link to your client. One tap to call them by phone, if needed.

Automatic Reminders

Never miss or be late for a client meeting. Receive reminder to join video conference up to 15 minutes in advance of start time.

Virtual Waiting Room

Take your time wrapping up client calls. Your next meeting will begin when you are ready. Clients will be placed into a virtual waiting room until you start the meeting.

Dedicated Rooms

Avoid confusion with dedicated video conference rooms that are automatically setup for each client appointment. No chance you accidentally send the right client the wrong link.

Tools, Tricks & Tips

Complete Control

Adjust Video

You can adjust your image and your client’s image while in a video conference. You can turn your camera backward and forward to show your client something while in the meeting.

Full Visibility

Feel free to turn off your phone notifications and you’ll be able to focus on just your video chat. Or keep notifications on and pause your video conference to take urgent calls and respond to important messages.

Notifications & Alerts

Clients always have the latest meeting status. No more confusion about whether your clients are in the right video conference room. They receive updates when the meeting is cancelled or rescheduled as well as when the video conference link changes or expires.

Call Logs & Reports

Track how long your video meetings last and maintain good reporting for reference and future planning.


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