The Pilates & Physical Therapy Center of Seattle Overview

This complete Instructor Training Program is based on the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates. Staff is focused on the training expected to proficiently and precisely pass on these skills to you so you can pass them on to your students. As the first Pilates Certification School on the West Coast and the main True Pilates Instructor Certification School in the Northwest, they offer top-notch training and Continuing Professional Education.

The program trains instructors in Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Pilates Systems or Stages. It incorporates a seminar for each stage and an extensive apprenticeship program. Every seminar is three to five days long and instruction is by Teacher Trainers or Romana’s Pilates Level 1 or Level 2 Instructors, as required.

Training Programs at The Pilates & Physical Therapy Center of Seattle

  • Pilates certification course
  • Price Range: Starting at $9,452 

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