The Lounge Q+A: David King, Contractor

Interview with David King

From hobbyist to home contractor, David King, helps people install smart security, televisions, lighting, cameras, doorbells, garage doors, and more.

Tell us about your business.

We offer professional TV installation, home theater, custom home theater, security solutions, and smart home solutions for residential and small business customers across the Atlanta and the greater Metro Atlanta area. We’ve been in business since 2014. We have been continuing to grow and see good progress. We have a great reputation in the market and just continue to build off of it.


What is a smart home?

A smart home can be everything from just a simple video doorbell to smart locks, smart lights, smart garage door opener, automated thermostats that you can control with Alexa or Google Home. There are all types of things. It seems like every day some type of new device is being added to a smart platform. So smart homes are basically things that you would install to make your everyday life easier.

I tell people all the time who are going into business for themself, don’t look at how much you’re making per year at your job, your salary, or anything. Look at your take home. What you need to actually function month to month, week to week. So I had to look at what I was actually bringing home and what I would need to pay my central bills. When I was able to match that, I knew that I could go ahead and go full time with it.

What does your wife think about you going out on your own?

Well, my wife has a small salon, so she was self employed before I was.

We’ve got to ask cause you’re the Smart Home Guy. How smart is your home?

I’m pretty much self taught. I started off doing just TV installs. As I wanted to grow with more products, I pretty much tore my house up and put it back together and figured out how to do it. So everything in here is smart. My house is like Frankenstein. Something comes out, I buy it, play around with it. So I know how to use it when I’m talking to customers and not just looking at a review online. I actually have it in my home. If I like it, I keep it. If not, I’ll resell it to someone else, but I’ll at least have hands on experience with it. So I’m not sitting there trying to figure it out on the spot.

I like smart lighting. I can walk through the house and I can say, okay, Google turn off media room lights. I can sit on the couch and control lights. I can set schedules to where, if I’m out of town or anything, lights come on and off, and it still looks like someone’s home. Security is probably the first thing that anyone should do in my opinion, even if it’s something as simple as just a smart doorbell where you can see who’s at the door and you can monitor, if you get packages or anything. A smart door lock or where you don’t have to worry about keys being lost or stolen. Definitely the thermostat. Just essentials, thermostat, smart door lock, smart doorbell, and a couple of smart lights. Then you just build onto it from there.

What are the game changing smart technologies? Where is all of this going?

You can do everything from wear smart clothes that you can plug small appliances in and then you can set timers on those like a coffee pot. You can set a smart speaker to where it automatically comes on in the morning as an alarm clock and goes to your favorite radio station. Then the smart plug will start your coffee maker. The lights may come on. So when the alarm goes off, instead of a buzzer going off your radio station comes on or a favorite song comes on the lights gradually come on from dark to light. So you don’t just have a bright light come on and wake you up. Coffee makers going. You can have the iron come on and start warming up. I mean, there are all kinds of things that you can do with it.

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What’s your favorite Sci-Fi movie?

I’m in a big debate on social media right now. I never got into Star Wars. So I’ve got a bunch of people right now saying I need to change my company name from Cool Geekz. I don’t deserve the “geeks” title because I’m not a Star Wars fan. But I’m a big Marvel fan. All the Marvel movies, I love. That’s one of the biggest things about me, I never got into Star Wars. I actually just started trying to watch it yesterday and I don’t think I’m going to make it through it.


Any message for new PocketSuite users?

PocketSuite has been one of those things that has been very instrumental in helping us grow. My biggest suggestion is just utilize the tool. Just grow with it and integrate it into your website. Use everything that’s there for you. It can only help you. I’ve been using PocketSuite since you all started. Now I have to have been one of the first people on the platform. It grows with you. Everything is right there. You’ll be surprised how much it will still benefit you a year, two years, three years from now, when you can just easily go back and export information, pull customer lists, look at your year to date now versus last year, your trends. I mean, everything’s right there. It’s just an amazing app and it’s definitely a huge benefit – if you use it right.

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