How to Get More Clients On Soothe!

Are you a massage therapist working with Soothe to get clients You’re not alone – Soothe employs over 13,000 massage therapists in almost 70 cities across the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Soothe is an app that sends a licensed massage therapist to a client’s home, and was founded in 2013 by Harvard Business School graduate Merlin Kauffman. 

The platform has been dubbed the ‘Uber of Massage’ by fans of the service, likely because it provides on-demand massage therapy services. Soothe connects licensed massage therapists with clients seeking stress relief.

As a professional massage therapist, you’re probably wondering how you can make the most of your time and skills with Soothe

In this article, we’ll break down the top reasons that make working with Soothe different from a traditional day job as a massage therapist at a spa and also give tips on how you can make the most of your new gig.


No doubt, you joined Soothe because they claim that you can make over 3 times as much money as you can make working at a spa.

Soothe offers a 60, 90, or 120 minute massage, which starts at $129 for a 60 minute massage in most US cities. Massage therapists earn 70% of this service price.

Clients can also purchase a monthly or yearly membership, which knocks 20-25% off the retail price.

You can also pick and choose the dates and times that you’d like to work unlike working with a traditional spa.

Their hours range from 8AM to midnight, which gives you plenty of flexibility in terms of setting your own schedule.

While you’re working hard to give your clients a relaxing experience, Soothe has been racing to become the head honcho in the $16B massage therapy industry.

In 2018, Soothe acquired a competing massage therapy startup called Melt, helping it grow even faster and further dominate the massage therapy market.

This is the not the only acquisition made by this Silicon-valley based startup –  they also acquired Y Combinator-backed startup UnWind Me back in 2015

With this knowledge, you can rest assured that you’re working with an industry leader.

If you’ve passed the rigorous qualification process and been granted access to the platform as a massage therapist, you’re part of the chosen few. According to Soothe, over 30% of applicants are rejected. They only work with massage therapists that are licensed and independently insured.

So now that you’ve become a part of the Soothe network of professionals, how do you make the most of it?


There are several practices that 5-star rated massage therapists always perform when operating on the platform.

Top massage therapists will bring a table, fresh sheets, and an assortment of lotions with them to the job.

Secondly, if you’re ever worked at a retail establishment or at a coffee shop, you know how rigorously they train and emphasize delivering service with a smile.

Being warm and friendly will also go a long way as this is a service industry and thus having great customer service skills is critical.

This inviting attitude will serve you well and may even lead to more tips and a higher dollar-per-hour pay in your pocket

Soothe offers some guidance for therapists on their website.

Here is a summary


Confirm the type of massage, duration and areas that require extra attention or should be avoided


If you feel uncomfortable, leave – no explanation necessary


Use the app to communicate with your clients.


Use the app to check-in and check-out of appointments


Use the app for payments.

Soothe then provides you with contact info in case you have any questions, and purports to have 24/7 support for their therapists through phone, text, and email.

The website also mentions some common ‘scams’ of ‘fraud’ attempted by Soothe clients that they warn you about:

Underpayment Scam

Client will try to pay you directly. Refuse.

Tipping Scam

Soothe says that if someone offers to tip in cash, this can be considered Tax Fraud because it can’t be tracked by the IRS. Soothe urges clients to tip within the app.

Appointment Extension Scam

Make sure you see Tip #1 above – Perform a Thorough Intake. Soothe will not compensate you if you go over your allotted time.

Overall, it seems like a win-win for both clients and massage therapists.

A client can book a massage at their convenience and have a massage therapist at their home within 24 hours.

Massage therapists can create and manage their own schedule and work on Soothe as their part-time side hustle or they can build their client base and work full-time using the app.

However, several massage therapists working with the company have claimed that Soothe has lowered their pay, plays favorites, and taken away clients from them.

In order to ensure this type of work culture doesn’t cut into your income as a massage therapist, it’s important to build your own list of clientele as well.

This is where PocketSuite comes in to save the day!


It can be financially as well as professionally rewarding to truly work for yourself by launching your own massage therapy business.

However, if you’re seeking income independence, there are some key things to keep in mind.


Most, if not all, new clients will most likely find you online. It’s the reason companies like Soothe are doing so well – they’re taking advantage of client’s inherent bias towards searching online when looking for a new service provider of any kind.

Be visible online. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Online Directories

Of course, without a way for clients to book you, you’re throwing money down the drain because folks will find your business listing, not see an actionable way to book you, and simply move on to a provider that does have online booking.

A simple solution for this would be to install your PocketSuite online booking widget  everywhere you’re showing up online, giving your customers an easy way to book your services as soon as they see your listing


If you get a lead, give them a call and send them a text message with your booking link as soon as possible!

PocketSuite makes this easy with the business messaging feature – it converts your business messages to text messages and sends them directly to your leads.

Smart Campaigns is another feature that allows you to automatically, proactively follow up with your massage therapy leads to ensure they book with you and not someone else.


Speaking of managing your business, PocketSuite has a full-fledged suite of business tools to help you run your entire massage therapy business from a single app.

Give the Premium plan a shot – you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll be able to finally spend more time building your small business into the behemoth it’s destined to be!

If you’re already using PocketSuite, here’s how to set it up for your massage therapy practice.

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Top 9 Therapy Websites & Marketplaces to Join

When you are building your therapy, clinical social work or mental health business, growing your customer base and getting exposure can be challenging. With more and more competition, standing out from the crowd can be difficult. Joining a therapy or health marketplace can be a great way to establish your practice and build your clientele in a high quality way. A lot more so than simply being listed on Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.

We’ve been speaking with dozens of founders of therapy marketplaces and organizations over the past few months, and we wanted to share our thoughts.

Below are nine different types of marketplaces eager therapists can join to help your practice grow, depending on your business’s niche and needs.

Big Brand & Reach

GoodTherapy for Mental Health

As one of the largest mental health directories in the world, GoodTherapy connects patients to professionals in 30 different countries. Each month, the network receives over 1.5 million therapist searches.

GoodTherapy focuses on collaborative care, with a focus on non-stigmatizing language and the client and therapist working together to identify solutions. For mental health professionals, GoodTherapy offers a wide range of continuing education materials, such as webinars, best practices and marketing seminars.

The platform also tracks visitors to your profile as a therapist. You can get access to real-time analytics as to how many clients are visiting your profile, how many are calling you, tapping on call-to-actions, etc.

To become a member it costs $29.95 per month, with discounts if you sign up for longer term memberships.

Platforms Doing Good

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective for Mental Health

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective believes everyone should have access to quality mental care, regardless of income. The mission of the site is to provide middle and lower-income people to affordable psychotherapy and mental health education services.

Individual clients can see a quality therapist for $30 to $50 a visit (well below market pricing). The mental health providers that are part of Open Path’s directory are either therapists building their practice and reputation or established professionals giving back to the community.

There are currently over 2,300 therapists in the community, but with rising client demand, many more are needed.  To join this non-profit network, therapists complete an online application and send in a copy of their license and liability insurance. For most, the process takes under 10 minutes there are no fees whatsoever for participating therapists.

International-Focused Platforms

International Therapist Directory for Mental Health

The International Therapist Directory (“ITD”) is a global listing of professional therapists, counselors, psychiatrists and psychologists who offer cross-cultural therapy. Spanning 40 countries, therapists can connect with clients and also network with other healthcare providers.

As our world becomes more and more culturally blended, with people living and working in new countries, culturally-sensitive healthcare providers are essential to provide relevant and helpful therapy.

The site is focused on professional therapists with credentials at the master’s level or higher, with a thoughtful understanding of the ‘Third Culture Kid’. Healthcare providers in the ITD network have a tendency to connect with one another to refer patients and share their expertise, so their referral network is growing quite considerably.

Member fee is just a $35 annual fee.

Directory, Community, Web-building & More

TherapyTribe for Mental Health

TherapyTribe is an online therapist directory that also offers online support groups with wellness tools and activities.  Offering support for people with mental illnesses, addictions and diseases, the site has a professional directory of thousands of therapists as well as self-help materials.

As one of the largest directories, TherapyTribe receives tens of thousands of visitors each week from people looking for help. In addition, therapists listed with TherapyTribe are featured to support group members using geo-targeting to match by location.  

TherapyTribe is now offering members a free professional therapist website included with their membership.  A membership with TherapyTribe gets your business in front of a national pool of potential clients for a monthly ($20) or annual fee ($199).

Where Physical & Mental Intersect

Essential Yoga Therapy for Holistic Approach to Psychology and Fitness

Essential Yoga Therapy (“EYT”) connects customers with specialized yoga therapists who prepare customized plans to treat chronic pain or illness. EYT focuses on yoga therapy as the evolution of the healing process.  

In addition to giving yoga therapists greater access to potential clients, the site also has quality educational resources. For example, there are sessions on how to teach a class with individuals dealing with scoliosis, covering techniques and pose adjustments that will not hurt the client.  

The site is tailored to certified yoga therapists who focus on the holistic needs and therapeutic practices for individuals. Essential Yoga Therapy also offers in-person training for its professional community to learn new techniques.


International OCD Foundation for Niche Mental Healthcare


As one of the oldest resources for people with obsessive compulsive disorder (“OCD”), the International OCD Foundation connects individuals and families with disease state information, support materials and healthcare providers.

The site has a targeted group of therapists 1,200 strong. In addition to a directory listing, professional members also get access to the annual conference access, entrance to the behavioral therapy training institute and clinics with providers specializing in the treatment of OCD.

There are millions of people affected by OCD (1% of the U.S. population to be exact), but finding therapists who are knowledgeable in the disease is difficult. This site connects individuals to specially trained professionals.

The foundation is thoughtful in making membership affordable to its professionals. There are 3 tiers of memberships – from students preparing to be licensed therapists, to institutional memberships – with a sliding scale of membership costs.

Regional Therapy Organizations

The Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work for Regional Care

There are a growing number of regional therapy marketplaces on a state-by-state basis, including the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work (“GSCSW”) as an example. Since 1980, the GSCSW has worked to advance clinical social work practices and empower professional social workers in the state of Georgia.

By becoming a member, social workers can network with other local professionals, access continuing education resources, and keep informed about legislation affecting the field.

Social workers can join the network with an annual fee ranging from $20 for a student, to $110 for a licensed practitioner. Upon joining, professionals are listed in the local directory and gain access to a forum of other professionals to pose questions and receive support.

On Demand Mental Health

7 Cups for Mental Health

Recently launched 7 Cups provides affordable, on-demand mental health services, connecting users to compassionate and trained professionals around the clock. From everyday stresses to more severe needs, 7 Cups offers users a safe space.

With over 800,000 site visitors a month spanning across 189 countries, the 7 Cups platform is rapidly growing and expanding their services. The benefit to the platform is that therapists can provide care online via messages through the app. All therapy is done through the HIPAA compliant platform, and allows clients to get online (and mobile) access to therapists without having to move a muscle.

For the therapist, the fee is $29.95 per month to be listed. In addition to 40% per client interaction if the client decides to book communication time with you.

For people who want traditional in-person care, 7 Cups also offers a practice directory. Professionals can get connected to thousands of potential clients the old fashioned way as well.

Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapists Network for Non-Conventional Care

The Alternative Therapists Network (“ATN”) focuses on multiple modes of therapy and self-care for patients. ATN connects clients with counselors, yoga practitioners, life coaches, and music and art instructors. It offers a space for clients and professionals to find alternatives to conventional therapy and medication. This is a known challenge to established beliefs.

Users can find out about practitioners, their experience and their approach to therapy before ever contacting them. That way, they can ensure their therapist shares their ideals and philosophies before beginning sessions.

Clients can schedule appointments directly through the site, which makes it easier for therapists and instructors to build their clientele. For a fee, professionals can join the network, get connected to users and get access to webinars and training seminars.

The founding team of ATN also runs Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, sourcing and delivering great content and articles to ATN members.

Recommendation: First Research, Then Join A Network

As a therapist or healthcare provider, building your own practice can be daunting.  Joining a professional network or marketplace can help you establish your presence and credibility. For a small fee, you can increase your clientele as well as network with like-minded professionals.

It’s a worthwhile investment that will expand your practice.