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Help Your Clients Find Exactly What They’re Looking For

Your Suite link will be the place for clients or potential clients to chat with you, book you, or find out more about your business. Keep all of your links organized and displayed professionally for them to find!

Find Out Where Your Clients Are Coming From & What They Are Looking For

Once you set up your Suite link, you will see how many people have viewed your widget, which site they are coming from, and a breakdown of how often each link is being clicked on. This is a great way to find out the most in demand information and resources for your clients and leads!

What are some links you can add to your Suite link page?


– Chat Widget

– Online Booking Widget

– Website

– Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin

– Reviews

– Portfolio

– YouTube Channel

– Business Location or Directions

– News Articles

Place your Suite link in a number of places for clients to find your links.

– Use it as your website, if you don’t have one!

– Instagram and Facebook

– Thumbtack

– Yelp

– Google Pages


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How do I turn on my Suite link?

Head to Settings > Features and toggle on Suite link. It is that simple! Then you can head to your home dashboard and click on Suite link to get started.

How do I install my Suite link?

Suite link is a bit different than our Chat and Booking Widgets, because there is no installation required! Just place the link in the desired location and you are good to go.

How many links can I add?

You can add up to 5 links on your Suite link. We tested it out, and anymore will just overwhelm your clients!

Additional Questions? Please Reach out!

You can reach out to PocketSuite support by texting us at (415) 841-2300, in app to support or email us at