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PocketSuite For Beauty Professionals

One of the things that we hear most from beauty professionals, including hairstylists, nail techs, and makeup artists is that managing the "business-side" of their spa or salon is actually the hardest part of being an independent business owner. Some...

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How StyleSeat Works for Hair Stylists and Salons

It’s 9:30AM, your first haircut is scheduled for 9AM, and your client still hasn’t showed up. Then you get a text message saying they won’t be able to make it today because of an emergency situation that probably has to do with them oversleepin...

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Podcast: Harry Josh Shares His Story on Becoming a Top Celebrity Hair Stylist

anyone who has a dream of working for themselves and making a good living. You will hear about:

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Why you should get your Cosmetology License - Hairdresser

Let’s say you’re a solo-preneur hairdresser out to build your business. You may be asking yourself if you need to get a license.

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