Lash Technicians

How to Become a Licensed Eyelash Technician

Are you a beautician or esthetician solo-preneur who specializes in lashes? Alternatively, do you own your own salon and employ other beauticians or estheticians? No matter which one describes you, you’ve probably seen and heard more about lashes a...

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Podcast: To Be or Not To Be a Lash Technician?

Listen to "Episode 18: To Be or Not To Be a Lash Technician?" on Spreaker.

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How To Become A Lash Technician

Eyelash treatments are an affordable way for the beauty conscious to achieve fast results at a fraction of the cost of other services such as Botox and fillers. The popularity of eyelash services continues to rise faster than other beauty treatments,...

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Ebook: How to Become an Esthetician

In this PocketSuite guide you’ll also discover how much you can earn by offering each procedure, what’s involved in getting started, the best professional organizations to join for advancing your career, where to look for employment and how to draw more clients to your beauty business. There’s even a section on helpful tips when you’re just starting out. Each chapter in this eBook outlines the certification requirements and costs to train in several different beauty procedures.

  • Chapter 1 How to Become an Esthetician
  • Chapter 2 How to Become a Lash technician
  • Chapter 3 How to Become a Brow technician
  • Chapter 4 How to Become a Microblade artist
  • Chapter 5 How to Become a Threading technician
  • Chapter 6 How to Become a Sugaring technician