How to Charge Clients Credit Card After Each Appointment

As a small business owner or solo business, have you ever been in the position of having to call a client after the appointment has been completed in order to get their credit card details? If so, you’re probably very familiar with how awkward a ca...

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Top Reasons to Take Client Reservations as a Freelancer or Service Business

Have you ever needed to book a multi-day stay for your dog while you went away on vacation? How about hiring a contractor for a bathroom remodel that will take at least 3 days? What about hiring a photographer for rehearsal dinner one day and a weddi...

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5 Types of Estimates For Contractors and Freelancers

Are you a contractor, consultant, or photographer that’s looking to create an estimate for your client, and you’re not sure how to do it? Fear not, for today we’ll tackle an important topic for anyone who’s ever been asked the question: “Co...

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How to Setup a Subscription Payment Business Model For Your Clients

Are you a freelancer, service professional, small business owner, or anyone with clients who sells subscriptions, memberships, or payment plans in your business? From health & wellness specialists, beauty experts and pet professionals to accounta...

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If you’ve ever sold a package that includes multiple services or products, you know exactly how powerful it is to get paid that way. Whether it’s a package of multiple personal training sessions, life coaching or therapy sessions, or dog training...

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