You are taking a HUGE step forward to grow your business.

You’ve received your first payment and are verified on the platform. Below are three final steps for you to enjoy the same level of success as our Suite Pros.

Step 3/5: Import your clients

Adding your client names and contact info into PocketSuite is a great next step towards being able to take full advantage of the app for your business. There are two ways to do this:

A) If you have clients already added to the address book on your phone, go to Settings > Help & admin > Import clients. Choose the clients you’d like to add and we’ll bulk-add right to your PocketSuite client list.

B) If you have a list of clients (i.e., in another document) simply attach the file to an email and send it to us at We’ll get your clients uploaded to your account in ~24 hours.

Step 4/5: Turn on Online Booking

Get booked anywhere – your website, Facebook business page, even Instagram!

Add a BOOK NOW button to any online presence, which will display your services, real-time availability, and let new and existing clients book (and pay) you conveniently online. You can turn this on under Settings > Online Booking.

Offering this option to your clients frees up hours of scheduling time and it helps you get more new clients. Studies show that service pros miss out on $200 to $1,000 a day in bookings. Clients are impatient, so if they can’t easily book you they’ll go elsewhere.

Step 5/5: Set it & forget it!

The final step is to automate your day-to-day admin tasks. This frees up time for you to continue to grow and do more of what you LOVE. Here are simple tips on how to lock in income from existing clients. #setitandforgetit

1) Recurring invoices

Have clients who pay you on a regular schedule? You can setup a recurring invoice to be sent out to them. This automatically creates an invoice and sends it to your client on the schedule you set – just sit back and hear the “cha-ching” sound as clients pay your invoices. Invoices sent over text in PocketSuite are paid in ~24 hours vs. industry standard 7-14 days.

2) Recurring appointments

A big part of maximizing your income potential is setting up regular clients on a repeat basis. Turn on the recurring appointments feature and when scheduling, use the “Repeat” option. This saves you and your existing clients time from scheduling one-off appointments and also helps you to lock in your income. You now have steady income and can focus on bringing in new clients.

3) Subscriptions

If you want to auto-charge clients on a regular basis (i.e., once a week, month, year) simply turn ON the Recurring Billing feature under Settings > Features. You can add your subscriptions under Settings > Services. Then send subscriptions to your clients, wait for clients to receive the subscription and confirm it online with any credit or debit card OR confirm it for them. Sit backand get paid. Literally. 

These tips are what make our “Suite Pros” the fastest growing small businessses in the country. Click hereto view their PRO-files.