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Receiving Payments:

1) I've received a payment but need to get verified. How do I do that?

You can submit verification in the app under Settings > Help & admin > Start receiving payments. Once you do this, you'll be prompted to schedule a verification call with our team. This is a one-time call to get you setup on the platform.

2) My payout shows in the "Deposits" area of PocketSuite but it's not in my bank account?

Woohoo, the deposit is on it's way to your account. We send deposits at around 1pm PST each weekday. It takes about 12-24 business hours from the time we send the deposit until your bank makes the deposit available in your account. Here is a schedule of when to expect your deposit to be made available based on what day of the week it was sent your way.

Payout sent > Estimated date of availability

Monday > Tuesday AM

Tuesday > Wednesday AM

Wednesday > Thursday AM

Thursday > Friday AM

Friday > Monday AM

If you do not see the deposit available by the end of the next business day after it was sent, please contact our support team for next steps.

3) I changed my bank account or card. How do I update this in the app?

You can update this under Settings > Payment methods. Swipe left to remove a payment method. Tap + to add a new one.

4) How do I refund a client?

You can refund a payment by tapping on your INCOME block, tapping on the payment you'd like to refund > MORE > Refund. You will then be able to enter the partial or full refund amount.

5) Can I accept HSA and/or FSA payments in the app?

Yes you can. Just email or send us a message via the app and we'll get this enabled for your account as long as you are in an eligible industry that supports receiving these types of payments. No extra charge for processing these cards but pre-approval is needed.

6) I'd like an export of my payment transactions and deposits for tax/accounting purposes? 

Great question! Head to Settings > Help & admin > Data export to choose the timeframe and type of transactions you'd like to export. We'll then send you an email with the data.

7) I think I entered the wrong bank account and a deposit was already sent. What should I do?

Not to fret. First off if you are fairly certain you entered the wrong bank account, please remove it from the app under Settings > Payment methods. This ensures no future deposits are sent to a bogus account. Next, please call your bank or check on a physical check and enter your account and routing # in the app again. Once a deposit is sent to a bogus bank account it takes about 2-3 business days until we hear back from your bank on the failure. Once the failure occurs, we notify you via email and your payout will be re-sent out during the next scheduled payout.

Setting up the app:

1) How do I sync my calendar?

Go to Settings > Business > Sync > select the calendar you'd like to "Sync to" and the calendar(s) you'd like to "Sync from". Please make sure the calendars you want to sync are already added to your device settings. For more on that, go here.

2) How do I setup online booking?

Please make sure online booking is enabled under Settings > Features. Go to Settings > Online widgets > Booking > Send Instructions. You'll get an email with the instructions on how to install it to your social media sites and website.

3) How do I setup my available hours?

You can do that under Settings > Business > Availability. Specify the days and times you would like to receive appointments.

4) How do I block off time when I'm not available to take appointments?

If you go to your calendar, tap + > Block out time you can add single or recurring blocks to your calendar. For example, if you take lunch every day, you can setup a recurring block from 12pm-1pm each day you work. Voila!

5) How can I allow clients to add gratuity to my transactions?

Turn on the "Gratuity" feature under Settings > Features and then clients will be able to add a flat rate or percentage gratuity onto any transaction.

6) How do I setup reminders to go out ahead of my client's appointments? 

First turn on the "Reminders" feature under Settings > Features and then under Settings > Business > Notifications you can determine the timeframe you'd prefer us to automatically remind your clients.

7) How do I setup a cancellation policy to reduce no shows?

You can set it up under Settings > Business > Cancellations. For any appointment confirmed with a credit card, this means PocketSuite will require a flat rate or % payment on the service total if a client attempts to cancel outside of your allowable cancellation window.

8) What is lead time?

Lead time is the amount of time needed between when a client books this service and its first available time. It gives you some prep time for when clients book you online.