Top 4 Personal Training Software Apps

Finding the right personal trainer software can be a time-consuming process. As a busy entrepreneur, you’re most likely searching for software for your fitness, health or wellness business so that you can actually save time in the first place. Key is to not waste time trying to find the right software that works for your business.

Whether it’s an online booking system, appointment scheduler, payments tool, plan organizer, or more – it can take time finding the right tool for you. Not just time but money – free personal training software is always the best of both worlds.

Depending the size of your business, feature needs, mobile vs. desktop and budget, below are some of the best personal trainer software types available today.

MindBody Online

MindBody was built as ideal desktop software for large fitness businesses, spas and gyms. MindBody is the most integrated full-service business tool you’ll come across – from gym management to staff resources to inventory management and more. The software is fitting for the business with 20+ employees that wants to streamline business operations across facilities.

You can read reviews on MindBody here, and take a look at their pricing plans directly on their website to see if their monthly payments are affordable for your business. MindBody is not ideal for that smaller business owner who is looking for something more simplified (albeit still powerful), without breaking the bank.

Evolution Nutrition

Evolution Nutrition streamlines the nutrition and plan management process that you give to your clients. You can customize meal plans, use suggested plans, and track client progress over time. Evolution Nutrition was built to optimize around a specific workflow (i.e., meal plan management) fitting for a select group of training and health professionals.

A focused software (like this one) can at times better than an all-in-one solution. The software company can focus all its efforts at being the best in one specific software vertical – in this case nutrition and meal plans – so that your clients have the best experience in dealing with this process. And if you are someone who already has the core scheduling and payments part of your business down, Evolution Nutrition acts more of a “complementary” software for your business.


To piggy-back on client management focused software, TotalCoaching is a more enhanced and broader offering to send your clients basic regimens online. TotalCoaching does not just encompass meal plans, but fitness plans, training logs, and even has its own a food database. The software also allows you to share 3D animations of workouts to help walk clients through even the most complicated of workouts.

Available on both desktop and mobile app, TotalCoaching has a simple $49 per month fee for small businesses. The company also provides some useful content outside of its core software offering, including frequent blogs with tips helping fitness and wellness businesses succeed.


PocketSuite was designed to be an all-in-one scheduling and payments tool for fitness and health professionals, focusing on 1-5 person businesses with a “mobile” twist.

PocketSuite offers its customers the ability to sell packages of services to clients, accept class bookings online, set up automatic recurring billing, send text reminders for appointments and more. The software is mobile (available free on the App Store) so it’s the ideal app for personal trainers and anyone in the health services industry who wants a mobile tool to help them manage their day to day schedule, payments and clients.

PocketSuite is free to download and use, with additional Premium upgrade plans available depending on your business’s needs (starting at $9.99 per month). Delivering an “Uber-like” experience to your clients is something that PocketSuite’s software helps you to accomplish.


Single Silo Solutions

Not to be forgotten are the software names that are in the headlines every day focused single-action workflows – like payment processing, or scheduling, or invoicing. Tools like Square and PayPal for payments, Sunrise or Google Calendar for scheduling, Invoice2Go for invoicing, and DocuSign for waiver e-signatures.  

These tools are probably still the most used business tools across the personal training and wellness industries. But times they are a changing! Instead of using 5 different apps to run your business, software for personal trainers is improving to the point where now easy-to-use tools are being offered at affordable prices in a single app. You just need to know where to look to uncover these gold mines.

The days of popping in and out of different apps, or logging in and out of different accounts are officially over.

Evaluating Tools across the Landscape

There are of course a large number of other software tools discoverable across the web to help your business succeed.

In order to save time in combing through all the options out there, first just figure out one thing: are you a large operation with money to spend, or a smaller business that wants access to time-saving scheduling and payment technology without breaking the bank? Understanding that fundamental business need will allow you to decide if you’re an ideal MindBody vs. PocketSuite customer (for example).

Another thing to figure out is if your software need is all-encompassing or just in need of a specific workflow enhancement. If you’ve already got a tool that works for you re running the day-to-day, but you want some software to help solve a particular problem – like workout tracking, or meal plan updates – then tools like Evolution Nutrition and TotalCoaching (for example) would be great candidates.

When in doubt, just use this one line of advice: Find something simple and affordable that will make not just your life easier, but your client’s lives as well. I guarantee that if you keep that as philosophy to live by, then you will have such a happy experience building and running an awesome business.