PocketSuite Featured as Best New Business App in iTunes App Store

Front Page Feature 4.png

Being the “best” did not come easy.

Yesterday Apple featured PocketSuite on the front page of the iTunes App Store as “Best New Business App”. We’re delighted that Apple chose us as the best business app for today’s on-the-go service professional. There is so much to celebrate but two things are for sure - the road here wasn’t easy and we’re just getting started.

Our goal from the beginning here at PocketSuite was to create a better business management tool for the on-the-go service professional. Our observation at the time was that it required far too much “work” for pros to manage all the logistics in their everyday work lives (i.e., clients, schedules, invoices, payments, communication, notes, etc.). We realized that they needed a simple, integrated, mobile tool to help manage all of this.

PocketSuite has been over 2 years in the making, consisting of over 10,000 engineering man hours, 5,000 customer feedback interviews, a shoestring budget, and 2 entrepreneurs with a dream. As most home and local service entrepreneurs can attest to, their businesses may seem pretty simple, but behind the scenes these hard-working professionals are on their feet all day dealing with demanding clients, chasing down payment, scheduling & rescheduling, returning customer calls, and more. And at the end of the day, all they really want to do is provide a great service to their clients and get paid for it without all the hassle in between.

So the task for us was clear: incorporate key workflows for a variety of service industries, but keep the solution simple to navigate and use…and make it mobile.

We wouldn’t have come close to tackling this problem if it weren’t for those initial customers who found us in the App Store almost 2 years ago and took a chance on the first version of PocketSuite. These folks were gracious enough to take our calls, meet with us, answer our questions, and give us glimpses into their daily work routines. And for that, we can’t thank them enough.

What started with just a few customers in early 2014 has now grown to over 10,000 businesses on PocketSuite today ranging from photographers to fitness trainers to dog walkers to residential & carpet cleaners to hair stylists and more. Our customers serve more than 30,000 clients through PocketSuite, using the app to set appointments, collect payment, send invoices and communicate with their clients.

The PocketSuite team itself is growing as we’re building up our customer success team and continue to recruit amazing people to build the product and support our growing customer base. We’re committed to making PocketSuite better and easier to use with the recent launch our first paid version, and our message of democratizing business software continues to spread. We won’t stop until every service professional and business owner on the planet has access to the technology they need to run a better, smarter business.  

It’s been a long road and we’re humbled by yesterday’s announcement from Apple naming us one of the best business apps in the App Store. We’re incredibly excited about where PocketSuite is headed, and we look forward to automating and simplifying every aspect of running your business.

A special thanks once again to all our supporters, investors, fans and last but not least - our customers.


Sam, Yang & the PocketSuite Team