What certifications are required for Self Defense Instructor?

Obtaining your self-defense instructor license can be done online. Following in-person classes of your chosen style of fighting, there are 4 steps to getting your certification online.

Step 1: Research and Choose Your Self-Defense or Combat Discipline Online

You’ll want to learn about the history of the style and be sure this is something that you want. The work will need to be put in, and it is recommended that you study with an instructor at the gym after this step.

Step 2: Learn/Review Self-Defense Instructional Techniques Online.

An online course will have you review videos and techniques online, likely accompanied by a quiz. 

Step 3: Earn Self-Defense Instructional Certification Online.

Again, this will require an online assessment of your knowledge of Self-Defense instruction.

Step 4: Earn Personal Trainer Certification Online.

You will need this to practice instruction at a gym or recreation center in your state.

Browse Self-Defense Instructor programs:

Women’s Self Defense Boston

Women's Self Defense Boston Overview Currently SEPS is not providing any instructor programs, neither looking to accredit institutions or trainers. They ...
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ACT Self-Defense

ACT Self-Defense Overview By becoming an ACT certified self-defense instructor, you’ll be able to offer the highest quality self-defense education to ...
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Expert Rating Online Self Defense

Expert Rating Overview ExpertRating Online Self-Defense Course, leading to ExpertRating Self-Defense Certification, provides an opportunity to learn the tools and techniques ...
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ASFA – American Sports and Fitness Association

ASFA - American Sports and Fitness Association Overview ASFA’s Self Defense Instructor Certification provides the experienced fitness professional with an extremely ...
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National Women’s Martial Arts Federation

National Women's Martial Arts Federation Overview Since the early 1970s, the National Female's Martial Arts Federation has pioneered the development of ...
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Specialty Fitness Institute

Specialty Fitness Institute Overview This can be  an add-on or standalone program for any fitness trainer, community leader, or anyone who ...
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FAST Defense

FAST Defense Overview The Standard Trainer Program (BIC) Level I Accreditation includes a full device kit for the ABCs of defense ...
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R.A.D. Systems International

R.A.D. Systems International Overview The cornerstone of R.A.D. Systems, this course has its foundations in education and awareness. The course includes ...
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New York Self Defense Academy

New York Self Defense Academy Overview New York City Self Defense Academy is an independent branch/division of The World Safety And ...
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Divas In Defense

Divas In Defense Overview They provide a complete company design to attract customers and efficiently run the Divas In Protection ® ...
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Play It Safe- Self Defense Strategies for Women & Children

Play It Safe- Self Defense Strategies for Women & Children Overview PlayItSafeDefense PE instructor self-defense certification is a 7.5 hour class ...
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Model Mugging Self Defense

Model Mugging Self Defense Overview Instructor education is maintained by donations and volunteer assistance. Participants complete their training under the guidance ...
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