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Calendar Sync

Sync all PocketSuite scheduled appointments directly to iCal

Pick and choose which calendars to sync with (i.e., Google, Outlook, etc.)

Use a single calendar app to manage both client and personal appointments

Auto Client Reminders

Easily set appointment reminders for each job scheduled

Clients get auto-texted ahead of each appointment

No need to spend time manually making sure your customers stay on schedule

Payment Processing

Accept credit card payments for just 2.5%

Send invoices for clients to payment online - via text or email

Request appointment deposits for clients to confirm with credit card online

Recurring Payments

For your regular clients, set them up on recurring payment plans

Auto-charge any client's card after each week, month, or any period of time

Take the stress out of collecting payment for both you and your clients

Just a 2.5% processing fee for credit card payments, and 2-day direct deposit

Mobile Messenger

Send instant text messages to any of your clients

Share photos, share contacts, share GPS pin location

Clients receive messages vis SMS text and can respond in real-time

Keep all communication and transaction history organized in a single message thread


And much more...