Instant access to all saved shortcuts, templates, links, etc.

Save a library list of common messages, campaigns, follow-up, links (and more) you typically send clients.

Easily “grab” each template while in the middle of messaging a client (or clients!) to shoot off shortcuts to clients with amazing speed.

Make answering common questions a breeze

Are you fielding similar questions from clients or interested clients? Like questions around services or hours or travel, etc.?

Save down common answers to those questions, so when that next question pops up in your PocketSuite Messenger feed, you can send out a response in 1 tap.

Ever find yourself sending the same follow-up messages over and over?

Save common check-ins or follow-ups you find yourself sending clients on a regular basis. 

From running late, to a general check-in, to a post-appointment ‘thank you’ — save & send at will.

Have those review requests read to go!

Save links to your Facebook, Google, Yelp, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, etc. profiles in a saved message. 

Instantly send via text message any (or all) of the review site links with an easy call-to-action for your client to give you a review online.

Shoot off pre-saved marketing templates with 1-touch

Send out month special blasts to a cohort of customers.

Entice recent leads to book you by sharing your booking link.

Wish select clients a happy holidays.

Text message marketing has never been easier to run consistently, without fail.