Release Notes (4.9.8)

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to update you on our latest release. It's a BIG one with tons of goodies. The major new features rolled out in this release are the Pay Now widget, Class check in & out, Location tracking for pros, Auto check in and out for jobs, automated late arrival alerts when you’re running late, and Instant Payouts.

See below for more specifics...hint hint if you tap on the category title there are videos to learn more about a specific feature. If you have any questions or feedback you can message us right in the app.

  • Pay now widget - Do you want to make it easier for clients to send you payments without you having to send an invoice? Put a Pay Now widget on your website, social media pages, in your email signature, or text it to a client. Here is what it looks like: You can find your Pay Now link by turning on the Online Payment feature in the app under Settings > Features. 

  • Instant payouts - Get paid instantly for 1% (min $1). You will see a lightning bolt on your Pending Payouts dashboard when any payments are eligible to be paid out instantly. You can add the debit card you want us to send funds to under Settings > Payment methods (just turn on “Accept instant payouts”). Once you add it and tap “Cash Out”, you will receive your funds within 15 minutes.

  • Automated arrival & checkout alerts - Tired of texting your clients when you’re running late? Have no fear. Turn on the Arrival & checkout alerts feature and we will automatically notify your client if you’re running more than 10 minutes late (with your estimated arrival time). Once you turn this on, we will prompt for your location permissions and then we’ll communicate to your client only if you’re running late. This feature is designed to proactively let your clients know when to expect you so you can focus on arriving at your appointments safely.

  • Class check in and out - This is a highly requested feature from our pros who have classes...they want to be able to keep track of client attendance. Voila - now you can! If you pull up your class roster in PocketSuite when your class is about to start, and swipe right on a person's appointment you will be able to check them in. Added bonus is if your client downloads the PocketSuite app and enables location permissions, when they arrive at the class we will auto check them in (no manual work required).

  • Live location tracking for your pros - Did you get that dreaded call from your client wondering where their service professional is? Then you have to call or text your staff just to find out that they are just 3-minutes away. Problem solved. If you have your pros added in the app and they have location permissions enabled, then you will be able to see on a map exactly where they are and their estimated time of arriving at the next appointment. You'll see a new icon on your agenda calendar view when it's close to the appointment time to track one or multiple pros as they are on their way to a client appointment or already at a job.

  • Auto employee check in and out for jobs - It's one needs to be tapping "I'm here" and "I'm on my way to the next job" because we have GPS....if your pros enable location permissions, we will automatically notify you and check them into their job...once they leave the job site we will check them out automatically. Of course if their phone battery dies, they don't have location permissions enabled or we can't detect their location, you will still be able to manually check them in and out.

  • Allow regularly scheduled payouts to be sent instantly - If you prefer to receive all of your payouts to your debit card (where funds arrive within minutes of being sent), you can turn on the “Default instant payouts” feature under Settings > Payouts. First make sure to have a debit card added under Settings > Payment methods. Turn this on. You will be able to cash out over 90% of payments in real time (right after they are processed). If for some reason you forget or the payment is not eligible, when we send your deposit, instead of sending to your bank account (which takes another 12-24 hours), instead we will send it right to your debit card automatically (you’ll get it in less than 15 minutes).

  • Employees can get paid instantly - We’ve made it much easier to pay your staff. Your pros can instantly cash out their funds. All they need to do is link their debit card to the app.

  • Post photos in the leaderboard chat and comments (VIPs only) - You can now share/post photos in the Leaderboard.

  • Service hours always override business hours when calculating availability - We’ve updated how we calculate your booking widget availability to make it easy for you to create service specific hours. We will respect your business hours, but if you set specific hours to a service, then we will use those hours when displaying availability (even if the times on the service don’t fall within your general business hours).

  • Repeat clients % leaderboard should include all transactions - We’ve changed how we calculate the Repeat Clients % on the Leaderboard to include all types of transactions versus just appointments. This is a more accurate picture of how much of your income comes from recurring business vs. one time business.

  • Bump max call duration from 1h to 2h - We know you’re chatty and would not want to cause a call to drop because of some arbitrary cap on the duration of a call. We’ve extended the cap on PocketSuite business lines to 2 hours (from 1 hour).

  • Show Income by lead source report for Premium Plus and Suite accounts - We’ve added a report in Premium Plus and Suite accounts to show you where your leads are coming from. You can use this report to better target your advertising spend. 

  • Send a checkout link for one service right from the messenger - Do you sometimes just want to share one item (subscription, package, service, etc) on your booking widget, but don’t want clients to have to browse through everything on your website? Tap the www icon in the message feed to send a deep link to just one service.

  • Arizona time zone support - If you live in Arizona, we’ve now added proper timezone support for you.

  • Schedule recurring invoices to be sent in the future - If you bill ahead (vs for past work) then you’ll love this enhancement to recurring invoices. You can now schedule an invoice to automatically bill future appointments. We will automatically include any future job when we create your recurring invoice on the start date. 

  • Clients can find you with your Premium business line - Previously, if clients downloaded the app they weren’t able to search and find you using your Premium business line #. Now clients can also find you in the app with your Premium business line.

Our ultimate goal at PocketSuite is to give you the tools & insights you need to be your own boss and do more of what you love. We hope we took a major step in that direction with this release. 

As always, your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know how we’re doing and what improvements you'd like to see in future versions of PocketSuite by texting us in the app. Thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to delighting you again in the future. Please tell a friend or leave a review if you’re happy with your experience with PocketSuite.


Josh and The PocketSuite Team