Release Notes (4.9.11)

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to update you on our latest release. It's a BIG one with tons of goodies. The major new features rolled out in this release are Shared inbox, improved booking widget checkout experience, categorize services, edit/delete class schedules, leaderboard profile updates, and more.

If you have any questions or feedback you can message us right in the app.

  • Shared inbox - If you have an admin, partners, or other team members that help manage your day to day operations and need to be able to see all of the inbound client messages to your business, this is the setting you’ve been dreaming about. To share your inbox, go to the Staffing dashboard, tap on the pro you want to share it with, under their Profile turn on the “Share my inbox” setting. All of your inbound and outbound client messages will be visible to your admin so they can assist you with follow-up and help you while you’re busy getting new leads, growing your business, and working with clients.

  • Admins can now access the Staffing dashboard - If you have team members setup as admin in PocketSuite, they can now access the Staffing dashboard to view employee calendars.

  • Improved booking widget checkout - We’ve consolidated some screens and made the booking flow much more seamless to make checkout lightning fast.

  • Editing of class schedules - At last, you can better visualize the classes with a class calendar view as you set them up and/or edit them. You schedule under Settings > Classes, you can edit, delete, and add schedules to existing classes all from the calendar view.

  • Service categories - Add categories for your services so that when clients go to book you online, they first see a category option, then below the category option they will see any services assigned to that category. Categories will help pros with long service lists create a better online booking experience for clients.

  • Project Butter - Android - Ever tried to cook scrambled eggs in a pan with no butter? What happens? It sticks. But you learn. We learned that too. We picked the name “Project Butter” because our plan on Android was to make the whole product much smoother (like butter). In the process, our mighty team fixed over 50+ issues. And next time you make scrambled eggs - try a smidgen of butter first.

  • Display scheduled payout time of payee's payments for Premium+ and Premium Suite pros - On the payments sent dashboard if you drill down to the individual payment in question, you can now see when it will be sent to your pro’s bank [assuming their bank account or debit card is on file, and verification has been submitted]. Now you have total visibility as to when your pros will receive payouts, so that you can proactively schedule payments to them and answer any questions they have about deposit timing.

  • Surcharge is now a Free feature - The surcharge feature is now available to pros in FREE and Premium plans. Turn this feature on under Settings > Features if you do not want to pay any processing fees.

  • Import events now supported on Android - If you’re on Android and need to import events from your calendar in the app, we now have an Import button to make this process seamless. You can now import synced events from other calendars and turn them into appointments in PocketSuite.

  • Roll back appointments that a client accidentally canceled - If a client accidentally cancels an appointment that was previously confirmed with a credit card, you can now un-cancel the appointment, including bringing back the client confirmation and credit card on file for that appointment.

  • Task assignment now supported for all pros - Tasks in Premium Plus or Premium Suite account can now be assigned to Limited pros.

  • Now support 6 hour cancellation - We added a new option for the cancellation policy timeframe - six hours in advance of the appointment starting. 

  • Fastest growing leaderboard - New & improved profile section, which allows you to dive deeper into how other pros in your industry #delightclients, #makemoney, and #savetime with more actionable insights. You can also see and be included in the Fastest Growing leaderboard for growing your verified income month-over-month.

  • Completing forms internally - If you or your team members complete intake forms in person or by phone with clients, you can now fill out your client’s intake forms on their behalf.

  • Flex time setting (None, 30, 60) - By default, appointment start times will now show up in “Flex 30” mode on your booking widget, which will help you offer more flexible times to clients (Note: This change will translate into more online bookings and income for you). “No Flex” and “Flex 60” are additional options you can choose. “No Flex” means your calendar will be optimized for you, not your clients. We will work to ensure you can be booked the most # of times in a day. This is a great option for pros who typically have over 80% of their time booked on their calendar. “Flex 60” means start times will be offered in 60 minute increments (Note: This setting is great for pros who have appointment times that run 2 hours or more in duration).

Our ultimate goal at PocketSuite is to give you the tools & insights you need to be your own boss and do more of what you love. We hope we took a major step in that direction with this release. 

As always, your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know how we’re doing and what improvements you'd like to see in future versions of PocketSuite by texting us in the app. Thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to delighting you again in the future. Please tell a friend or leave a review if you’re happy with your experience with PocketSuite.


Josh and The PocketSuite Team