Josh here from PocketSuite. We’ve heard your feedback and I am excited to update you on our latest release which went out this week.

  • Smart Campaigns - send personalized, automated messages to clients and drive income growth. Turn on the feature under Settings > Features. Smart Campaigns are for YOU if:

1) You often send clients a form to fill out when they book an appointment or class

2) You like to request reviews and/or feedback from clients who have recently completed a job

3) You want to send an automated message to clients after a missed call

4) You want to offer discounts/promotions to inactive clients to motivate them to book an appointment and/or purchase something from you.

If you would like to send automated messages to clients for any of the above reasons and more, than Smart Campaigns are for YOU. Claim 10 FREE credits for smart campaigns right in the app.

  • Shopping cart style checkout - clients can now see all of the items in their virtual cart before they get to the final screen. They’ll see a preview of what they selected, what dates they are for (for a class or service), and what the total amount due will be.  

  • Book items from different categories - clients can now add items from different categories of services you have into one single transaction. This one was added due to popular demand - and why not make it easy for your clients to spend more money with you. :)

  • Invoicing estimates with deposits - for those of you Estimate power users, you can now invoice estimate balances when there was a deposit paid on the estimate. Handy if you want to tack on a few additional line items that weren’t on the original estimate and quickly get paid for the balance due.

  • Customize booking widget colors - you can make the booking widget reflect your brand colors and website. You can set the colors for your booking widget under Settings > Profile.

  • Lead time on Reservations - you can now specify a lead time on Reservations.

  • Added 5 min buffer time - you can now specify a 5 minute buffer between your appointments. Helpful for those of you with 55min appointments (or if you only need 5 mins between clients)

  • Block availability for 1:1 appointments during scheduled classes - if you have classes scheduled, and no one has booked into them yet, we will block out your private availability. If you want to make a time available for clients to book you privately, you can always cancel the class if no one books it.

  • Android - links now open in app - links now open in the app on Android. Because why make it more complicated to access and share information. :)

Our goal at PocketSuite is to help you grow your business, get paid fast, and eliminate meaningless work. We hope we took a major step in that direction with this release.

As always, your feedback is very important to us so please let us know how we’re doing and what improvements you'd like to see in future versions of PocketSuite. Thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to delighting you again in the future. Please tell a friend or leave a review if you’re happy with your experience with PocketSuite.


Josh and the PocketSuite team

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